Kwesta has been accused of cheating on his wife Yolanda with a woman called Nthabiseng.
Image via Twitter

‘An act of revenge’: Tweeps put Kwesta’s ‘side-chick’ on blast

Fans are questioning Kwesta’s ‘side-chick Nthabiseng’, who went public with their alleged affair amid his proposal to wife Yolanda.


Kwesta has been accused of cheating on his wife Yolanda with a woman called Nthabiseng.
Image via Twitter

Kwesta is facing mounting criticism following allegations he cheated on his wife Yolanda Vilikazi.

But critics are turning their attention on his rumoured ‘side chick’, who allegedly went public with their affair amid his romantic proposal to his wife.


On Thursday, the Ngudrapper showered his wife with a special proposal at luxury hotel The Giglio in Johannesburg.

Despite already being married, the hitmaker went all out with roses, champagne, and a sign that read “Marry Me”.  This after Yolanda revealed that Kwesta was giving her the proposal she “never got” after asking her parents for permission and paying lobola years ago.

Hours later, celebrity blogger Musa Khawula tweeted rumours of Kwesta’s alleged affair with a woman named “Nthabiseng” from Mbombela, Mpumalanga. 

The woman reportedly posted a video of her liaisons with Kwesta, including partying with him at a club and caressing his face in an intimate moment together.

But social media users found the timing of her allegations suspicious, to say the least. 

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@PlantFather2: “To be honest that Kwesta Footage tells me. Nthabiseng was just Stocko in the section. Probably came with the crew. She was sneaking snaps while Kwesta was at a distance. Waited until Kwesta was passed out in the van to touch his face and make it look intimate. She’s a predator. If the roles were reversed we’d be calling this sexual assault”

@Ntombi_Lungile: “Nthabiseng said, not under my watch after seeing that proposal”

@JustOneRedRose: “This was clearly Nthabiseng’s revenge for getting dumped a while ago. Because why would she ruin what she has with Kwesta over some proposal? It’s not like she didn’t know he was married”

@Mamsi_King: “She probably wanted her breakthrough  and saw Kwesta then was like ‘jackpot’”

@Applying_Corner: “An angry side chick is dangerous, she can end your reputation just like that”



Meanwhile, Yolanda has remained mum on the social media commentary surrounding her husband Kwesta. 

Taking to Instagram Stories, Yolanda thanked her friends and family who helped her husband surprise her with his proposal.  Hours later, the social media influencer revealed she was binge-watching her favourite series and enjoying some warm drinks.