RHOJ star Lejoy, Kwena

RHOJ star Lejoy and Kwena Moabelo. Images via Instagram @lethabolejoy, Facebook

Radio host slammed for touching ‘RHOJ’ star Lejoy’s BBL [watch]

Power987 presenter Kwena Moabelo defended himself after a video of him “feeling” #RHOJ star Lethabo Lejoy’s BBL.

RHOJ star Lejoy, Kwena

RHOJ star Lejoy and Kwena Moabelo. Images via Instagram @lethabolejoy, Facebook

Radio and TV personality Kwena Moabelo set tongues wagging on social media after touching Real Housewives of Joburg (RHOJ) star, Lethabo ‘LeJoy’ Mathato’s Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

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The Power987 presenter, who had Lejoy as a guest on his show, shared a video of him “feeling” her bum in studio on Thursday, 22 June.

“RHOJ star @lethaboLejoy. let me feel her BBL for research purposes,” Kwena tweeted. He then wrote: “It feels real.”

The video was also shared by @advobarryroux.

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On the show, Kwena asked to touch Lethabo’s bum and she agreed. He gave a disclaimer saying: “Let me do a disclaimer, this is nothing sexual, Lejoy is like a little sister to me. Can I touch the BBL?”

In response he said: “Whoever wants to touch can come and feel if it’s true or not.”

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Kwena received backlash on Twitter after posting his video.

“If is consensual then it’s a sexual act at work and both must put to task, it’s ugly whichever way you wanna look at it.”

“Helang, workplace sexual harassment? Or this is normal conduct or fraternising at that station?”

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However, speaking to Daily Sun, Kwena defended himself.

“I think that tweet has taken the wrong turn. People who didn’t listen to the show don’t understand and they are the ones who are fighting. I’d rather not comment. I feel like the more I entertain it, the more I give it light,” he said.