King monada mr smeg

King Monada says he will knock Mr Smeg’s teeth loose. Images via Twitter: @kingmonada/@MrSmeg

Yikes! King Monada threatens to ‘break Mr Smeg’s teeth’ in a boxing match

King Monada is one confident man. The Limpopo hitmaker just threatened to leave Mr Smeg toothless if they ever had a boxing match.

King monada mr smeg

King Monada says he will knock Mr Smeg’s teeth loose. Images via Twitter: @kingmonada/@MrSmeg

On Wednesday this week, Twitter celebrity Mr Smeg challenged Limpopo-born musician King Monada to a Celebrity Boxing Match. It appears Monada is not afraid at all and has offered a scary response to Mr Smeg who was also recently bashed by US singer Ari Lennox.

South Africans who have watched the drama unfold on their timelines laughed out loud while beckoning Mr Smeg and Monada to please get in the ring together.

King Monada responds to Smeg’s boxing match challenge

Last year King Monada made headlines after he challenged gentle giant rapper Big Zulu to a celebrity boxing match.

While the two went back and forth about the fight, it didn’t happen, much to the disappointment of locals who would have enjoyed watching tall and skinny Monada facing off with big and brawny Big Zulu.


It appears there may just be a King Monada fight after Pearl Thusi’s Twitter bae Mr Smeg aka Michael Bucwa challenged the Ska Borra Moreke hitmaker to a match.

Monada, who apparently doesn’t fear anything or anyone, shared a scary warning with Mr Smeg:

“Nkao thuba meno aah ka one special punch (I’ll break his teeth out with one special punch),” wrote Monada.

Mzansi laughs out loud

Many people couldn’t believe Monada’s confidence, especially considering his weight. Others however really believe that Monada could make a good boxer.

Here are some of their comments

@Sam4Koena said:

“Monada is very dangerous. That guy grew up eating avocados while u were busy with raw meat????????”

@k_mothoa3 reminded Monada of his Big Zulu match by writing:

“We are still waiting for your date with Big Zulu”

Meanwhile, Mr Smeg responded to Monada’s tweet by writing, “bring it on!”.Guess we will all have to wait and see if the two of them ever actually get in the ring together.

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