Kenny Kunene's DJing

Kenny Kunene DJing. Images from Instagram@kenny_kunene

‘Kennie, we wanna party’: Kenny Kunene’s video DJing in Israel goes viral [watch]

Patriotic Alliance Deputy President Kenny Kunene is making headlines after his video Djing in Tel Aviv, Israel, made rounds on social media.

Kenny Kunene's DJing

Kenny Kunene DJing. Images from Instagram@kenny_kunene

No doubt, Patriotic Alliance (PA) leaders Gayton McKenzie and Kenny Kunene are making headlines in the backdrop of their visit to Israel.

The two met the Israeli President Issac Herzog to learn how to run a collation government.

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The two have since received backlash back home, but they have made it known the trip was to have an insight into how the Israeli government has managed to run the coalition government.

However, in the backdrop of their visit, the leaders also had an opportunity to explore Israel, and they did justice to that.

A viral clip of Kenny Kunene Djing has since gone viral.

Patriotic Alliance Deputy President Kenny Kunene played Jerusalema on his set while the decks at one of the establishments they visited in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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The crowd could be seen singing along and vibing to the smash hit. Despite many finding it surprising, Kunene is one of the political leaders who has wowed many with his djing skills.

After all, he is not new to sets. He used to wow patrons at his famous club ZAR before closing its doors. No doubt he has done it all. After serving six years behind bars, Kunene established the ZAR nightclub with Gayton McKenzie.

Kenny Kunene's DJing
Kenny Kunene. Image from Instagram@kenny_kunene

The establishment undoubtedly thrust them into the limelight and was best known for its wild parties.

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In 2011 Kunene became more popular with his controversial Sushi parties. His nickname Sushi King even became more popular than before.

Against the backdrop of newfound fame, he tried music and worked alongside Big Nuz at some point.