Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is set to perform in SA. Image via Twitter @rapflixx

‘Selling my family’: Hilarious reactions to Kendrick ticket prices

Mzansi was over the moon to hear that Kendrick was coming to SA. The concert ticket prices have, however, brought them down to earth.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is set to perform in SA. Image via Twitter @rapflixx

South Africans were over the moon after hearing that American superstar Kendrick Lamar was coming to the country to perform. Their excitement was quickly subdued by the ticket prices which start at R1500 and go up to R5000 for the VIP experience. While most could probably afford the R1.5k, these tickets have quickly run out with only a few left on sale.

In light of the costly tickets, many social media users shared hilarious posts about the stuff they would have to sell to afford them. One person even jokingly said that they would be selling their entire family.

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Kendrick Lamar ticket prices leaves Mzansi shook

It was only just announced that Money Trees hitmaker Kendrick Lamar was coming to South Africa and already the phase 1 tickets — (R1399 for general and R1999 for VIP) — are almost sold out.

Meanwhile, phase 1 Weekend Passes are priced at R3,899 for General Access and R4,999 for the VIP experience.

Kendrick will be performing at the Hey Neighbour Festival which will be taking place from December 8 – 10.

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar and other international musician will be in South Africa in December. Image via Instagram @kendicklamarzz

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Hilarious jokes ensue

While over the moon over the announcement, it would appear the ticket prices are just too much for many who joked about having to sell some of their precious belongings just to be able to see Kendrick perform.

Some joked about selling their houses or TVs while others joked about selling their families.

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“Me crying at Kendrick Lamar’s concert after selling my family to buy the ticket,” one person wrote while another said:

“Selling my mothers tv set to attend kendrick lamar will be haunt me for long but it’ has to be done . if i can’t work hard enough for the ticket , i will work hard enough for her forgiveness.”

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