Amapiano star Kabza De Small has been dragged on Twitter! Image via Twitter @KabzaDeSmall_

Kabza de Small rubs ladies the wrong with his makeup advice

Kabza De Small is catching smoke on Twitter after trying to give ladies some makeup advice. Perhaps he should stick to making music…


Amapiano star Kabza De Small has been dragged on Twitter! Image via Twitter @KabzaDeSmall_

South African musician Kabza De Small has rubbed social media users — particularly female social media users — the wrong way after sharing his thoughts on makeup. Taking to his Instagram, the hitmaker decided to advise women not to wear too much of products. This did not sit well with his makeup-wearing fans who quickly shut him down.

Many of them asked him not to involve himself in things that don’t concern him. Especially not things like makeup.

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Kabza De Small catches smoke for giving ladies makeup advice

Kabalo Motha — stage name Kabza De Small – is a genius when it comes to music.

The DJ and producer has a number of hit songs under his belt and is generally very successful in the entertainment industry.

Kabza De Small
Kabza De Small has been called out on Twitter. Images via Twitter @KabzaDeSmall_

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The hitmaker recently headed online to share his thoughts on women and makeup.

According to him, women should avoid wearing too many products because the result is not pleasing.

“Anehlise iMake Up Akekho Nje UMuntu oGold” wrote the musician, which translates to “don’t wear too much makeup, you end up looking gold”.

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Mzansi is not happy

While most people would have probably been happy to take some musical advice, they were not as keen to accept advice on makeup.

Many ladies headed to the comment section to put Kabza back in his place.

Take a look at some of their comments:

@zoedalastletter wrote:

“Is this man hacked? He has been very problematic :sob:

While another user pointed out that he isn’t exactly good-looking and is also a bit of a drunkard.

“Yena ngabe wehlisa ukheveni, njengoba ubuso bakhe buvuthwe kanje?” wrote Bile Wosiyane.

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