Don Design

Don Design has remembered his best friend AKA who was shot and killed in February.
Images via Instagram: @don_design

‘Miss you’: Don Design remembers bestie AKA [photo]

Despite being scrutinised for fans of AKA following his tragic death, Don Design claims he misses his best friend dearly…

Don Design

Don Design has remembered his best friend AKA who was shot and killed in February.
Images via Instagram: @don_design

Despite being accused of having something to do with his best friend’s murder, Don Design is grieving the loss of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes.

The DJ, and others, watched helplessly as the rapper was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Durban back in February.

Since then, the Jozi hitmaker has faced widespread backlash from the public for his body language caught on CCTV footage, moments before the shooting.

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In an Instagram Story on Saturday, 1 April, Don Design revealed his heartbreak all over again. “Miss you dawg”, he posted alongside a picture of him and AKA.

Don Design
Don remembered his best friend AKA, who was shot and killed in February. Image via Instagram: @don_design

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Days earlier, Don remembered both AKA and the late Costa Titch with a video tribute of one of their last performances together.

Don’s words come amid Lynn Forbes and Nadia Nadia’s own heartbreaking social media posts. A day after Don’s Lynn – AKA’s mother – posted: “A piece of my heart is gone forever.” Meanwhile, Nadia continue to post pictures of her late boyfriend on her social media account.


Meanwhile, social media users were on the fence about Don Design’s return to work, just weeks after AKA’s death.

On his Instagram Story, Donrevealed his return to the nightlife scene with a gig at Ayepyep Lifestyle just two weeks after burying his best friend. AKA was a regular at Ayepyep over the years, which was owned by another slain hitmaker; DJ Sumbody.

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However, social media users have debated whether Don’s club was “too soon.”

A few claimed that the timing of the DJs was insensitive. Others even likened it to AKA himself, who returned to music shortly after the death of his fiancee Anele Nelli Tembe in 2021.

Progress Colensk: “Exactly what AKA did after the passing of his fiancee.”

Mzwethu Mogz Mtwesi: “I’m pretty sure AKA didn’t wait any longer after his late wife passed.”

Mpho Keith Tsoeu: “Wow! But Karma exists. WHAT GOES AROUND”

Louis Damon: “Isn’t it too early? At least he can mourn a month or so.”

Bongane Lukhele: “We still haven’t forgotten. His friends must be careful never to trust him.”

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Others claimed that Don Design needed to work to “pay the bills.”

James Khumalo: “People go back home on Saturday or Sunday after the funeral cause they have to get ready for work on Monday, right?”

Gugulethu Mathe: “Bills wait for nobody. AKA is gone, but life goes on for the living.”

Thabo Taleni: “Life must go on. AKA ain’t gonna wake up.”