Mama Joy expensive lifestyle

Mama Joy enjoying France where she is currently backing the Springboks. Image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke

‘Just look at the background’: Springboks fan Mama Joy’s expensive lifestyle in France [video]

She lives like a queen – Springboks top fan Mama Joy showed off glimpses of her expensive lifestyle in France.

Mama Joy expensive lifestyle

Mama Joy enjoying France where she is currently backing the Springboks. Image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke

Springboks top fan Mama Joy Chauke was living an expensive lifestyle in France.

The famous fan was well known for her days as an Orlando Pirates top supporter.

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She was one of the most thrilling fans for over twenty years until her fallout with the Pirates in 2021.

Outside football, Mama Joy was also a top fan of the Rugby national team and was with the team in France.

Indeed, most people and players want to be around Mama Joy, and she gets to live well out of it.

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After her fallout with Pirates, Mama Joy did not take time before she fell in love with Royal AM.

All this showed how much sports fans and players love her.

Now that she was in France cheering the Springboks, Mama Joy lived so expensively.

Sharing one of her Instagram meals, Mama Joy convinced fans that she was living a soft life.

“Enjoy mama.”

Mama Joy expensive lifestyle
Mama Joy. image via Instagram @mamajoy_chauke


She was in a good mood after the Springboks win, and she went to have an expensive breakfast.

Before one looks into the details of her breakfast, the place she was speaks volumes.

She was in a tall building, and the background was unique.

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Even the lady asked fans to see the background as she ate breakfast.

Besides the breakfast, Mama Joy is all around some of Paris’ top places, enjoying herself as she awaits the Springbok’s next match.

The Springboks are showing promising signs that they will remain in the competition for long.

All this would be Mama Joy’s good news as she would get to stay in France longer.


After Mama Joy glimpsed her expensive lifestyle in France, the Springboks fans loved it.

Some even claimed that they would want to be like the top fan when they grow up.

“You must go to bakery minor in Marseille!”

“Yooh when I grow up I want to be mamaJoy 🔥🔥😍😍😍”

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“Thank you for being a voice at the match. You looked amazing . ❤️❤️❤️”

“You are living your best life 🙌🙌”

“Mom I wish you all the best, you are very humble I am glad I got a chance to watch Banyana with you in Wellington”

“🤣 🤣 You don’t even know about rugby”