Jub Jub

Jub Jub Image via Instagram @official_jubjub

Jub Jub opens up about weight loss and COVID-19 battle [watch]

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in some way or another. Reality TV host Jub Jub, gets deep and shares his experience.

Jub Jub

Jub Jub Image via Instagram @official_jubjub

Reality TV show host and rapper Jub Jub loves to engage with his fans on Instagram. As all South Africans are trying to cope with Lockdown level 4, Jub Jub used his Instagram Live platform to share his personal experience with COVID-19. 


The Ndikhokhele rapper revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 while shooting the Moja Love reality show You Promised To Marry Me in Gqeberha in late 2020. In the 44-minute Instagram Live video he further explained how it was the most devastating experience of his life. 

“I never thought I would go through that. So in 2020, I got f*cked up by Covid-19. And you guys saw me and after that started wondering why have I lost so much weight”. 

Jub Jub

He then said that even though he knows losing weight is sexy to some, he didn’t want to get rid of his signature pot belly. 

He revealed that he hid having COVID-19 from his fans because he didn’t want to alarm his supporters, saying he knew the news was going to mess the country up. 


He went to one of the local clinics and explained how he was heating up, and he couldn’t breathe, but tried to maintain his composure in front of his team because he has always emphasised that their equipment and busses be sanitized regularly.

He emphasised that South Aricans continue to follow the lockdown rules set by the government. 


In the Instagram video he addressed those that weren’t taking his comments seriously, explaining that it’s high time everyone follows the rules.

He mentioned that as he continues to entertain South Africans and achieve his goal of becoming the biggest show in the country, he is often exposed to the virus and being off the screen for two weeks was hell for him. 

“For me there was no coming out of it. I know I had said my prayers, I never questioned God but I still said if it’s my time to go, take me now.”

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