Master KG

Master KG announced Makhadzi will be at his birthday event . Image via Twitter @ClickMediaMusic
/ @Rathipa_Rampedi

‘Continue confusing us’: Is Master KG back with Makhadzi?

Master KG and Makhadzi’s relationship has fans confused. They have now resulted to saying that they will just mind their own business.

Master KG

Master KG announced Makhadzi will be at his birthday event . Image via Twitter @ClickMediaMusic
/ @Rathipa_Rampedi

Earlier last month, Master KG took to his Facebook to announce he and his Musician girlfriend Makhadzi had called it quits, following Makhadzi’s post insinuating her relationship with the DJ was going through a rough patch.


Master KG and Makhadzi’s relationship is yoyo-like. One day they are together, and the next day, they are not.

Previously, The South African reported that Makhadzi’s post had fans convinced that there was trouble in paradise between her and the award-winning producer boyfriend.

Makhadzi reportedly shared Master KG’s number on her social media and claimed she had been hacked.

In a deleted Facebook post, Makhadzi mentioned that two females had reportedly travelled from Botswana to “sleep” with her boyfriend.

“I am so destroyed… emotional. I don’t need anyone to calm me down. What I am doing makes me feel better,” she was quoted as saying in one of the posts.

According to Briefly, Makhadzi had Mzansi on a standstill when she insinuated that the Jerusalema hitmaker had cheated on her. She reportedly shared a post plugging all beautiful ladies to reach out to Master KG “for a good payment.”

Later, Daily Sun reported Master KG had announced that he and Makhadzi had broken up and was quoted as saying,

“It is sad to say this, but me and my queen are no longer in a relationship. But we continue to work together to entertain our lovely fans going forward; thank you.”

Two weeks later, he reportedly announced the line-up for his birthday and had allegedly excluded Makhadzi. 

Days later, Makhadzi reportedly shared that she hosts “exclusive functions” and extended an invitation to anyone interested in attending her upcoming event at Propaganda on 3 February.

On 25 January, Master KG shared a poster on Facebook and announced,

“My birthday will be hosted by My Queen Makhadzi.”

The post has left fans confused and curious to know if they were back together.

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Master KG
Master KG and Makhadzi’s relationship confused their fans. Image via Twitter @Jamani_Khanyi


“Your queen😃 Are you back together?? Lol 🤣 continue confusing us until we learn to mind our business,” Victoria Malubile commented.

“I’ve been vomiting since morning, and on my way to a buy pregnancy test and I remembered that I am a man 😬,” Jeffrey Mosa Tsebo Maskala said.

“This is more than good news to me. Our Queen to the fullest 🔥 🔥 🔥,” Ewgina M Fararira shared.

“Now I’m going to buy a ticket. The Queen is back 💃 ❤️🤞 🤞 🤞,” Tshilidzi Nethonze said.

“Now I start to mind my own business,” Ally Ka Thero commented.

“This is a complete birthday poster 😍. Not the initial one without Queen of Africa,” Morongwa Rapholo reacted.

“I love what you guys are doing 😅  confusing those who always poke their nose in other people’s business  🤞 🤣You guys and Natasha with Lorch 🙌,” Litha Cetywayo wrote.

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