Royal Security Scare: Intruder

Image: RealTimeImages

Royal Security Scare: Intruders break into the Queen’s Windsor Estate

Two intruders recently broke into the Queen’s Windsor estate, while a woman pretended to be Prince Andrew’s fiancée in another incident.

Royal Security Scare: Intruder

Image: RealTimeImages

Just weeks after Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99, the Queen has been caught up in a major new security scare after two intruders broke into her Windsor Estate.

Security breach at Windsor Castle

According to, police arrested two intruders – a 31-year-old man and his 29-year-old girlfriend – after they scaled fences at Windsor’s Royal Lodge on 25 April 2021.

It is said that they tried to break in where the Queen usually walks her corgis. The pair were later arrested and taken to Maidenhead police station and released on police bail pending further inquiries.

The Kings Guard leaving Windsor Castle at the funeral of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. Image: Doug Peters/EMPICS

Prince Andrew’s fiancée?

What’s more, six days earlier a woman was mistakenly let into the lodge grounds by guards. Prince Andrew lives there and is understood to have been at home.

The woman claimed that she was Andrew’s fiancée and said they had a lunch appointment. Guards waved her in and she spent 20 minutes walking around before going into the lodge where she was stopped in the lobby. She was later arrested on suspicion of burglary and sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

A source told The Sun: “This is an astonishing lapse. Everyone was on high alert after the first intruder, now this happens. Heads could roll. It is unforgivable. The couple wandered around for ages before anyone spotted them and police were called. Andrew was at home at the time. You have to wonder what on Earth is going on up there.”

Windsor Castle vs Buckingham Palace

The Queen has been staying at Windsor Castle since the coronavirus pandemic and various imposed lockdowns. Royal biographer Penny Junor also said that she prefers staying at Windsor even though Buckingham Palace’s security is state-of-the-art.

She said: “No one would wish to deprive the Queen of seeking solace wherever she chooses but it is worrying that security should be so lax around a building where she is such a frequent visitor. Andrew was in. By the grace of God, the Queen wasn’t. But she might well have been. She has been spending increasing amounts of time with Andrew since the Duke’s death. Today security at Buckingham Palace is state-of-the-art — and possibly the only royal residence that is.”