Rick Ross Mike Tyson exchange blows

Rick Ross and Mike Tyson. Image via Instagram @richforever

‘Who the Biggest?’ Rick Ross and Mike Tyson exchange blows

‘Your death is near if you try it’ – Veteran boxer Mike Tyson and top hip-hop rapper Rick Ross exchanged blows.

Rick Ross Mike Tyson exchange blows

Rick Ross and Mike Tyson. Image via Instagram @richforever

Famous musician Rick Ross and veteran boxer Mike Tyson exchanged blows.

Mike Tyson remains one of the finest boxers ever, and his career speaks a lot.

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Tyson knocked down his opponents for fun during his days, and many consider him the greatest of all. Out of his strong blows, Mike Tyson was nicknamed the Kid Dynamite and Baddest Man on the Planet. He was so good that he was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990.

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When he met Rick Ross, Mike Tyson showed he still had something left in his tank. Sharing on his Instagram, Rick Ross expressed how much he tried to give Mike a blow.

“Who is the Biggest? Mike Tyson or Rick Ross? ( slide 2 I tried to jab bruh )”

Rick Ross Mike Tyson exchange blows
Rick Ross and Mike Tyson. Image via Instagram @richforever


It’s been a few tough years of hard work by the legendary hip-hop rapper as he worked on his body. During his early days, Rick Ross was a big and fat man, and nobody could imagine the transformation he did.

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He started working out, hitting the gym, playing basketball and doing many activities to reduce his weight. Now that his body is almost where he wants, he can throw a few blows and do so, trying to hit Mike Tyson.


Fans loved it after Rick Ross and Mike Tyson exchanged blows, trying to punch each other.

cash money “Chill my dude Mike got them hands fooly😂”

aliu uthman ola “Your death is near if you try it 😂😂”

Supreme Mcgriff JR “I love this. Both my big brothers in the same photo. Too good to be true”

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CTRL “Imma stay on the sidelines for this one 👀🥊”

BIG RICH “THE BIGGEST BOSS and some dude named mike 🔥🔥🤣”

UCHE THE KING “One tin bout rich people they don’t know that some people are broke 😂”

Queen🐝Sugar🍨Honey🍯Iced Tea🍹 “Heavy weight can’t hold you, #BIGGEST😂you got em by a long shot.”

Dom-P “Crazy caption, Mike Tyson, Black and White chess board. Oh yeah, there’s a message being sent here, and I think it got 50’s name on it. 🤔”