Nicki Minaj

Tweeps think Nicki Minaj is too old to be as provocative as she is. Image via Twitter @NICKIMINAJ

‘Looks a mess’: Nicki Minaj criticised over bizarre clip [watch]

‘There’s a thin line between entertainment and just plain weird. We been passed entertainment,’ an X user said about Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj

Tweeps think Nicki Minaj is too old to be as provocative as she is. Image via Twitter @NICKIMINAJ

Twitter users are not impressed with curvaceous American rapper Nicki Minaj. This is after a clip was shared of the Anaconda rapper dancing and behaving wildly on camera. In the clip, Minaj can be seen twerking and and dancing wildly while someone records her.

According to many, Minaj is too old for this sort of thing and should be focused on being a good role model for her son “Papa Bear” who is almost two years old.

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Nicki Minaj slammed for her raunchy clips

If there’s one thing Nicki Minaj enjoys doing, it’s showing off her curves.

The rapper is famous for raunchy songs and wearing skimpy clothes to show off her big booty and small waist.

It appears, however, that some people want her to give up her old ways.

nicki minaj
Nicki Minaj is being slammed again. Image via Twitter @PopCrave

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Taking to Twitter earlier this week, a Cardi B fan page shared a video of the musician dancing and twerking in a hall way.

In the clip, Minaj rocks a bright red wig and short denim skirt with matching denim boots.

She also wiggles her butt and glances at the camera in an unmistakable flirtatious and provocative way.

“nah the fact she’s 41 years old (with a child) acting like this is insane,” the clip was captioned.

Netizens are over it

The video didn’t sit well with people who believe she is too old to be twerking in videos.

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“Idk man. I think this has to be some sort of condition at this point. It’s more than just coke,” one person said while another wrote:

“A mess, her fans should be embarrassed”

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