Kanye West wife

Kanye West’s wife Bianca steps out in underwear. Images via Instagram @kanyewest

‘Needs an intervention’: Kanye West’s wife steps out in underwear

Body language expert claims Bianca Censori ‘needs an intervention’ after she stepped out in a lace bra and tights.

Kanye West wife

Kanye West’s wife Bianca steps out in underwear. Images via Instagram @kanyewest

Bianca Censori, the wife of American rapper Kanye West, attended dinner in just a black lace bra and tights in Los Angeles on Thursday 4 April.


Bianca Censori had made headlines again for wearing yet another risqué outfit in public. The Head of Architecture at Yeezy stepped out with her husband, American rapper Kanye West for dinner in Los Angeles, California on Thursday 4 April in just a black lace bra and tights. According to Page Six, Bianca was not wearing anything under her ivory tights.

Instead, she used her black handbag to cover her private areas. She also wore a pair of cork-heeled platform sandals. Take a look…


Daily Mail reports that Bianca and Kanye’s date night took place at Gigi’s in Lose Angeles.


Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that Bianca “needs an intervention” after stepping out in her latest risqué outfit.

“Kanye and Bianca have now pushed the ensemble envelope so far that there is only really one thing that is shocking about these poses and that is Bianca’s shoes. Walking in wedges that high needs an intervention from Health and Safety and yet Kanye is not performing the one vital core function of the A-list male out walking out as a couple with his wife, which is to lead her with clasped hands or linked arms to ensure they don’t tumble out of their killer heels,” said James to The Mirror.

“Instead Bianca walks ahead here to prove these looks receive her total collusion, even hanging back to drain the last flashes of the cameras as she clutches her bag over her pelvis to protect some aspect of her modesty,” James continued.