British actor John Cleese. Image: Instagram via @JohnCleeseOfficial

British actor John Cleese. Image: Instagram via @JohnCleeseOfficial

John Cleese admits to spending R400K a year on stem cell therapy

John Cleese is defying the inevitability of ageing with a R 400 K-a-year investment in cutting-edge stem cell therapy.

British actor John Cleese. Image: Instagram via @JohnCleeseOfficial

British actor John Cleese. Image: Instagram via @JohnCleeseOfficial

In a bid to defy the sands of time, comedic legend John Cleese isn’t just fighting to stay young; he’s tackling it head-on with a pocketful of stem cells.

The price for this procedure? and a hefty £17,000 (R 404,633.07) annual investment.


When you’ve got a legacy as rich as Cleese’s, why not splurge on some Swiss stem cells to keep you sprightly?

At 84, Cleese isn’t just lounging around reminiscing about Monty Python sketches; he’s actively investing in looking and feeling younger, according to Daily Mail.

Stem cell therapy isn’t just some fad for him; it’s a way of life, a commitment he’s upheld for over two decades.

And boy, does he have a point when he says it’s worth every penny if it buys him youthful skin and a few extra rounds on the merry-go-round of life.


Why the splurge, you ask? Well, according to Cleese, these little cellular warriors zip around your body like tiny superheroes.

They fix up whatever needs a bit of TLC.

Are cartilage cells feeling a bit under the weather?

No problem, the stem cells will roll up their sleeves and get to work. Are your liver cells feeling sluggish? Bam! Stem cells to the rescue!


But it’s not just about the stem cells; Cleese credits his youthful vigour to his fourth wife, Jennifer Wade, who’s more than three decades his junior, according to The Telegraph.

Now, that’s what you call a spring in your step!

And while Cleese admits it’s a tad melancholic knowing he’ll probably kick the bucket before her, he’s not dwelling on it.

After all, he’s too busy enjoying life – and those stem cells.


The controversy surrounding stem cell therapy is as complex as it is contentious.

At its core, the debate revolves around the ethical implications of harvesting and manipulating embryonic stem cells, which involve the destruction of human embryos.

This has sparked fierce opposition from religious and pro-life groups who argue that it violates the sanctity of life.

Critics worry about the safety and effectiveness of some stem cell treatments, citing risks and unknown outcomes.


Proponents tout stem cell therapy’s potential for treating diverse ailments. According to The Sun, this offers hope for patients who have exhausted traditional treatment options.

The ethical, scientific, and medical dimensions of this debate continue to fuel passionate arguments on both sides. It underscores the need for rigorous research, regulation, and ethical oversight in regenerative medicine.

From Fawlty Towers to Monty Python, John Cleese has left a mark on pop culture.

While Cleese invests in a few more years, one thing’s certain: he’s a timeless comedic icon.