A Cannes security guard clashed with several celebrities. Image: Instagram via @thefilmychrcha

A Cannes security guard clashed with several celebrities. Image: Instagram via @thefilmychrcha

Cannes security guard sparks outrage over red carpet clashes

A Cannes security guard has sparked outrage on social media following confrontations with several celebrities, including Kelly Rowland.

A Cannes security guard clashed with several celebrities. Image: Instagram via @thefilmychrcha

A Cannes security guard clashed with several celebrities. Image: Instagram via @thefilmychrcha

The Cannes Film Festival is known for its glamour, but this year, a security guard stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.


Social media is ablaze with criticism after a series of confrontations between a female security guard and several high-profile women.

These women include Kelly Rowland, Yoona, and Massiel Taveras, according to Daily Mail.

Fans have taken to social media to express their anger. They accuse the guard of being aggressive and seeking fame.

One user on X declared, “She turned herself into the world’s most hated security guard.”


Another person tweeted, “This lady is a STRAIGHT up HATER… first Kelly Rowland and NOW Massiel Taveras…….. she needs to be TERMINATED.”

The controversy started when Kelly Rowland, a former Destiny’s Child singer, had a heated exchange with the guard.

Today reported that footage shows Rowland being blocked and scolded.

Rowland hinted at racism, saying the guard treated other women who didn’t look like her differently.

“There were other women who attended that carpet, who did not quite look like me.

“They didn’t get scolded or pushed off or told to get off,” Rowland commented.


Yoona, the K-pop star and actress, faced a similar situation.

She was preparing to pose for photos when the guard stepped in, blocking her shots.

Fans were quick to defend Yoona, with one tweeting, “Putting yourself in someone’s personal space is not doing your job.”

The drama continued with Dominican actress Massiel Taveras, according to Geo TV.

Taveras donned a grand gown depicting Jesus, and the same Cannes security guard stopped her.

Video footage shows the guard obstructing Taveras as she tries to display her dress.


Frustrated, Taveras threw the train of her dress down the stairs, leading to a scuffle.

She shoved the Cannes security guard away and gestured angrily.

This incident sparked more outrage online.

“Like seriously why is @Festival_Cannes allowing their crazy security guards to tackle & harass guests like this?” one user questioned.

Others noted a troubling pattern, observing the guard’s aggressive behaviour directed at women of colour.

However, a few defended the guard.

“This Cannes film festival security guard needs a pay raise asap,” one user wrote, suggesting she was just doing her job.


Festival staff supported this view, stating she was under pressure to keep the event running smoothly.

A veteran staff member explained, “She was an usher working under a lot of pressure to keep people on the carpet moving, to stop crowds building up.”

Despite these defences, many remain unconvinced.

The Cannes security guard’s actions, caught on multiple cameras, have drawn widespread criticism.

A lip-reading expert revealed that during Rowland’s confrontation after the guard stepped on her dress, she apologised.

However, something else that irked Rowland.

Rowland responded, “Don’t talk to me like that,” repeating the phrase several times.


This year, one security guard’s actions have overshadowed the glitz and glamour.

As the debate rages on, festival organisers may need to address the issue to restore the event’s reputation.

Whether this guard was merely doing her job or seeking her “15 minutes of fame” remains a contentious point.

For now, the guard has become an unexpected focal point of the world’s most prestigious film festival.