Kim Engelbrecht, South African actress, in a striking pose. Image: Instagram via @kimengelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht, South African actress, in a striking pose. Image: Instagram via @kimengelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht: Lolly from Isidingo, where is she now?

From playing ‘Lolly’ to gracing the cover of Women’s Health and her role on “Reyka”, Kim Engelbrecht has shown us that the sky’s the limit.

Kim Engelbrecht, South African actress, in a striking pose. Image: Instagram via @kimengelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht, South African actress, in a striking pose. Image: Instagram via @kimengelbrecht

Known for her mesmerizing portrayal of ‘Lolly’ in the beloved soap opera Isidingo, Kim Engelbrecht has been captivating South African audiences for years. However, her career has not been confined to the borders of South Africa.

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The Cape Town-born Kim Engelbrecht began her journey at just 12 years old, landing a leading role in the Italian production, ‘Sarahsara.’ Kim’s career skyrocketed, and she became a household name with her role as ‘Lolly’ in the soap opera Isidingo.

While she had been a staple on South African TV screens for years, it was her international endeavours that truly made the world take notice. Engelbrecht’s role as Sgt. Noma Banks in the Syfy series ‘Dominion’ and Marlize DeVoe in the CW hit ‘The Flash’ marked significant milestones in her career.

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But it was her performance as the titular character in ‘Reyka’ that garnered her an International Emmy Award nomination.

South Africans witnessed her evolution from a youth development show host to a globally acclaimed actress, making waves in Hollywood. Kim Engelbrecht has always been proud of her South African roots, emphasizing the authenticity and grittiness of her home country’s TV and film industry.

Nevertheless, Kim Engelbrecht also ventured into Hollywood, starring in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi drama, ‘Raised by Wolves.’

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The spotlight shone brighter when ‘Reyka,’ a gripping crime series set in the sugarcane fields of KwaZulu-Natal, earned a nomination for Best Drama Series at the International Emmy Awards.

From her recent Instagram posts, it’s clear that Kim Engelbrecht is currently engaged in a variety of exciting projects. In one post, she shares her enthusiasm for ‘Reyka 2,’ hinting at a possible continuation of her role in the acclaimed series.

Kim Engelbrecht’s dedication and pride for the show shine through as she expresses gratitude to the remarkable cast, directing team, and series creator.

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Kim Engelbrecht has also appeared on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s Jan/Feb issue. She radiated confidence and strength in the photos and extended special thanks to those who helped her prepare for the feature.

Her involvement with Women’s Health showed her commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, as she acknowledged the support she received from professionals.

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As she continues to shine on the international stage, we eagerly anticipate what’s next in her extraordinary story. Kim Engelbrecht reminds us that dreams are meant to be chased, health is wealth, and success is best celebrated with gratitude. So, here’s to Kim Engelbrecht and the incredible adventures that lie ahead.