Beyoncé showcasing her natural hair routine. Image: Instagram via @Beyonce

Beyoncé showcasing her natural hair routine. Image: Instagram via @Beyonce

Beyoncé shows off natural hair routine amid wig criticism

Beyoncé showed off her blonde mane in an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey through her natural hair routine.

Beyoncé showcasing her natural hair routine. Image: Instagram via @Beyonce

Beyoncé showcasing her natural hair routine. Image: Instagram via @Beyonce

Beyoncé, the powerhouse diva who constantly dazzles us with her music and style, recently treated her fans to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her hair care routine.


In a video shared on Instagram, Queen Bey took us on a journey through the steps she takes to maintain her long, luscious locks. It was nothing short of mesmerising according to People.

The video showed Beyoncé getting her hair washed, revealing her natural texture in all its glory.

With every flip of her mane, she exudes confidence and elegance.

And here’s the kicker – she’s using products from her very own haircare brand, Cécred. Talk about a boss move!


As the video unfolds, we see Beyoncé multitasking like the queen she is.

While getting her eyebrows tinted, she jumps in to assist with the blow-drying process, according to the Daily Mail.

The result? Silky-smooth strands ready to take on the world.

And those curls? They’re not just curls, they’re bouncy, voluminous works of art that would make even Medusa jealous.

But what’s Beyoncé’s secret to maintaining her iconic blonde locks for 25 years?


It’s all about experimentation.

She’s not afraid to shake things up and challenge the status quo.

As she eloquently puts it, “Being disruptive and challenging everything people feel should be the process has always been exciting to me.”

And let’s not forget the importance of self-care.

In a world where hustle culture reigns supreme, Beyoncé reminds us to prioritize ourselves.


Whether it’s through her music or her hair rituals, she finds joy in making herself a priority.

And honestly, we could all learn a thing or two from the queen herself.

Of course, Beyoncé isn’t immune to criticism, as reported by E News.

When she first announced her hair care brand, some sceptics questioned her expertise

But leave it to Queen Bey to silence the haters.

With her natural hair on full display, she proves that she’s not just a pop icon – she’s a haircare guru in her own right.


And her fans? Well, they’re always ready to defend their queen.

With comments flooding in on her Instagram post, it’s clear that Beyoncé’s haircare video has struck a chord with her loyal Beyhive.

“To the haters in the back 😍😍,” one user wrote, while another chimed in with, “Hahah she got y’all now. See all her hair :)”


In a world where beauty standards often dictate how we should look and feel, Beyoncé’s message is a breath of fresh air.

She reminds us that self-expression knows no bounds – whether it’s through our hair, our music, or our art.

So here’s to Beyoncé and her 25 years of blonde brilliance.