Anne Hathaway in Versace. Image: Instagram via @updateshathaway

Anne Hathaway in Versace. Image: Instagram via @updateshatha

Anne Hathaway ends fashion drought with Versace debut

After a conspicuous absence, Anne Hathaway shattered the silence with a jaw-dropping appearance at Versace’s Fall/Winter in Milan.

Anne Hathaway in Versace. Image: Instagram via @updateshathaway

Anne Hathaway in Versace. Image: Instagram via @updateshatha

Fashion enthusiasts, rejoice! The Anne Hathaway fashion drought is officially over.

The beautiful actress is back in the spotlight with a bang.

Anne Hathaway had been noticeably absent from major fashion events’ front rows. However, she finally made a stunning appearance at Milan Fashion Week. She graced the Versace’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway show.


The star of Eileen, Anne Hathaway, not only appeared in the front row but also wore a jaw-dropping ensemble that had just debuted on the catwalk moments earlier.

Strutting into the spotlight, Hathaway donned a corseted gown in blazing red leather.

It featured sultry off-the-shoulder straps, a form-fitting midi skirt, and a bodice that accentuated her silhouette according to Harper’s Bazaar.


The ensemble, reminiscent of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, showcased the daring fashion choices we’ve come to love from Hathaway.

The showstopper at the Versace event, initially worn by model Rianne Van Rompaey on the runway, was paired with matching cherry-red leather gloves. The actress also wore pointed-toe mules with an ankle strap.

However, Anne Hathaway, always one to add her unique flair, opted for patent leather crimson pumps adorned with matching red bows on the toe.


She accessorized the look with a stack of metallic spiral bracelets and a dainty black top-handle purse.

This proved once again that her fashion sense is as bold as her on-screen performances.

This appearance comes as a sigh of relief for fans who have been longing for a glimpse of Hathaway during Fashion Month.

Her last front-row moment was at Moncler’s Fall/Winter 2024 show in St. Moritz. There she embraced the wintry theme with an ivory jumpsuit, a black skier’s turtleneck, and a frosty white puffer parka.


As the fashion world basks in the return of Anne Hathaway’s impeccable style, we can’t help but look forward to more show-stopping moments from the A-list actor.

With Milan Fashion Week in the rearview mirror, Hathaway has proven that her fashion hiatus was worth the wait, leaving us eagerly anticipating her next sartorial triumph.