Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys on winning her first Grammy. Image credit: Apple Music

Alicia Keys: ‘How winning my first Grammy felt’

Alicia Keys opens up about winning her first Grammy just ahead of the 20th anniversary of her iconic album.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys on winning her first Grammy. Image credit: Apple Music

Alicia Keys has taken her fans on a trip down memory lane after reflecting on how it felt to win her first Grammy award.

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This year marks 20 years since Alicia Keys released her iconic album, The Diary of Alicia Keys. The album would go on to become one of the most iconic R&B albums of all time and establish Keys as one of the world’s most exciting mainstream musicians. Now, 20 years later, the singer is a household name in every regard and she recently took the time to reflect on some of the biggest milestones on her journey so far.

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Winning a Grammy Award is a life-changing accolade for any artist. For Alicia Keys, it was a moment she would go on to remember for life. Speaking to Apple Music in a brand new exclusive interview, she explained what a big moment it was for her and her team.

Alicia Keys said, “We were so shocked that I don’t even feel like we celebrated like that. I remember after the Grammys, that first Grammys, I remember we all just went home. I remember I sat in my hotel room. I was just like … Because it just felt like that. What are you supposed to do? It’s shock. It’s shocking. It’s literally shocking. I don’t know that we celebrated as much as maybe we should have even because I think I learned how to celebrate myself more way later. Way later, I started to celebrate, and that was more …:

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Alicia Keys also took a moment to reflect on the impact that the album made. In the interview she continued by saying, “I’m reflecting back to The Diary of Alicia Keys. I’m reflecting back to this being my second offering to the world. There was so much that changed for me. There was so much that was different than it had ever been before in my life. Obviously a girl born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen in Harlem, never had travelled like that. You don’t travel like that. Where do you go? You go to Jersey. Maybe you’re going to get to Connecticut. There’s not really a tonne of places that I had gone at the time, but thanks to the Songs in A Minor. I travelled the whole world.

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Here I was kind of coming back. I remember things like washing my dishes, doing my laundry, going shopping.”

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