Wiseman Mncube Mandoza prayer

Wiseman Mncube. image via Instagram @wiseman_mncube

In pictures: Wiseman Mncube visits Mandoza’s grave

Only a few days after his Nkalakatha performance backlash, South African actor Wiseman Mncube visited Mandoza’s grave.

Wiseman Mncube Mandoza prayer

Wiseman Mncube. image via Instagram @wiseman_mncube

South African actor Wiseman Mncube visited Mandoza’s grave as he gets deeper into his role in Nkalakatha: the life of Mandoza.

Wiseman Mncube had been topping headlines a few weeks ago with his Nkalakatha performance.

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Wiseman is playing the Mandoza role in BET Africa biopic, and it seems he is falling deep into Mandoza’s life.

Despite failing to convince most fans that he was the best candidate for the role, Wiseman is not looking back.

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He is showing good signs of investing much time into understanding Mandoza’s life.

Visiting his resting place is what most fans least expected, but here is Wiseman doing what makes him a great actor.

Sharing the pictures on his Instagram, he vowed that one Mandoza is dead, but one is alive and is living through him.

“1 lala 1 vuka 🕯️. Tshoo dlozi👉🏾”

Wiseman Mncube Mandoza grave
Wiseman Mncube and Mandoza’s sons. image via Instagram @wiseman_mncube


Posing at Mandoza’s grave, Wiseman Mncube impressed many fans with his gesture.

In the African culture, people believe that when visiting the idea at their graves, one may be able to communicate with them.

This must be the motive behind Wiseman’s visit to Mandoza’s resting place, to find a connection with him.

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Undoubtedly, he plays a crucial role in carrying alive the legacy that Mandoza the man had built.

He wore effortless clothing, showing how humble and down-to-earth he was.

Many fans were left with memories of one of the pioneers of Kwaito music.

Some even asked Wiseman Mncube to greet the man, showing how much people believe in communicating with the dead.


It’s still the early days of Wiseman being Mandoza in the Nkalakatha biopic, but it seems he has impressed Mandoza’s family.

A few days ago, he spoke at large how much his children saw their father in him and the look from Mandoza’s wife.

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“One of my best moments with these two gentle souls, Mandozas first and second born sons Tumelo and Tokollo Tshabalala. They way they appreciate and honour the way I carried their father’s story it’s humbling. From the first day I met them till today they never called me by my name or any other name but THAYIMA which means dad. That alone means soooo much to me because it means they really saw their dad in me.” he said.