Prince Kaybee

Cyan Boujee and Prince Kaybee. Images from Instagram@Icyan.boujee24@@princekaybee_sa

‘I’m suing her’: Furious Prince Kaybee breathes fire on Cyan Boujee [audio]

Prince Kaybee has made it known that he will be suing Cyan Boujee after she dragged him into her leaked video scandal.

Prince Kaybee

Cyan Boujee and Prince Kaybee. Images from Instagram@Icyan.boujee24@@princekaybee_sa

Furious Prince Kaybee has broken his silence after being fingered privy to Cyan Boujee’s leaked video.

The 21-year-old actress took to Instagram to pin the leak on the muso.

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In a now-deleted Instagram post, Cyan Boujee posted: “I’m ayt guys, but wow, may God bless Prince Kaybee. It’s him, definitely. My only issue is my niggas are all gonna dump me today.”

Cyan Boujee saw herself topping trends after her 15-minute intimate video made rounds on social media after being dropped on Twitter.

Prince Kaybee Cyan Boujee
Influencer Cyan Boujee .Images from Instagram@cyan.boujee24

The bubbly influencer has it that the video was recorded a few years ago, only to be leaked this year.

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She made it known that Prince Kaybee was behind the leak, and many were more than puzzled. Against her alleged claims, South Africans have been trying to connect the dots on the two’s relationship.


However, in the backdrop of the news, Prince Kaybee has finally broken his silence. In a now-viral call with controversial influencer Inno Morolong, the muso said he was not the one in the video or who leaked it.

The Muso said: “I don’t want to talk to her, I’m suing her.”

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Furious Prince Kaybee denied knowing the influencer on a personal level. He also said he would sue Cyan Boujee after embroiling him in her leaked video scandal.

However, this has left Mzansi confused. On the other hand, Cyan Boujee’s management has it that the influencer is also to consider legal action against those who leaked her intimate video.

After all, a court showdown might ensue between the two celebrities.