DJ Zinhle and Hulisani Ravele

Radio personality Hulisani Ravele recently defended DJ Zinhle on social media. Image by Twitter/Canva

‘Heal and learn’: Hulisani Ravele defends DJ Zinhle

Hulisani Ravele defends DJ Zinhle on Twitter after criticism of her attendance with her daughter at AKA’s memorial service.

DJ Zinhle and Hulisani Ravele

Radio personality Hulisani Ravele recently defended DJ Zinhle on social media. Image by Twitter/Canva

Radio host Hulisani Ravele defended DJ Zinhle on social media after Twitter users criticised her for taking her daughter Kairo Forbes to her father’s memorial ceremony.

AKA real name Kiernan Forbes was shot and killed outside a Florida road hotspot in Durban earlier this month in what police believe was an “assassination”.

To honour the life of the hitmaker, a memorial service was held at Sandton Convention Centre

DJ Zinhle attended the memorial service with Kairo Forbes, her and AKA’s daughter.

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Fans, friends, and family of AKA attended the event, but DJ Zinhle is under fire for letting Kairo, who is just seven years old. Some claim that this violates cultural customs.

Hulisani Ravele claimed that people who were coming for DJ Zinhle had probably come from broken homes, which had established their standard, as the argument raged online.

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In response to a user’s query, Hulisani Ravele stood up to the online trolls and provided an answer.

@LeratoMannya wrote: “I really don’t understand why DJ Zinhle has been getting the amount of flack she has been getting for just… being there to support her child through the loss of her father.“Why do you guys use cultural practices to be such POS? Why are your egos so fragile?”

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Hulisani Ravele then responded: “They grew up in environments with constant fighting & dysfunction which became their norm, their benchmark. Anything that strays from that is wrong & beyond reach as it invalidates them and challenges the notion that things could be different if they were willing to heal & learn.” She carried on, saying: “And I say this as a person who grew up in such an environment but chose different and continues to choose different every day with every encounter. It’s too easy to blame the past than to name the pain, do the work and heal.”

Other Twitter users commended DJ Zinhle for supporting her daughter despite the fact that she and AKA were not together.

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DJ Zinhle requested to Continue praying for Kairo

On Thursday, Zinhle requested her Instagram fans to keep praying for Kairo and thanked them for their kind support.

She said: “Kairo is feeling pretty today. Thank you for your love and prayers. I am holding Kairo’s hand throughout. Thank you for your messages. Please don’t stop praying for my child. God bless you.”