Nota Baloyi makes millions

Nota Baloyi. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

‘I’m a multimillionaire’: Nota Baloyi explains how he makes millions in a year [watch]

‘Multimillionaire’ Nota Baloyi explains how he milks millions from SA Hip-hop in a year and why he doesn’t invest in Real Estate.

Nota Baloyi makes millions

Nota Baloyi. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

Nhlamulo Baloyi, popularly known as Nota Baloyi, has claimed to be a multimillionaire as he explained how he makes millions.

He is indeed an intelligent mana who has made a living, and today he is sure of his net worth status. Indeed, Nota is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of South African Hip-hop, and he had been racking in a lot of money. During his days as a rapper, he released top hit songs like Karama, Sphesihle, and Preacher.

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Over the years, Nota has also made many hip-hop artists popular, like Kwesta who he worked. This shows how much of a giant he is in South African Hip-hop and its growth.

On top of singing alone, Nota has many ventures that guarantee him a lot of money. Even though his net worth has yet to be confirmed by professional valuers, Nota is already sure he is a millionaire. Here he even explains how he makes such loads of money in a year on top of his basic salary.

Nota Baloyi makes millions
Nota Baloyi. Image via Instagram @lavidanota


Besides his private hustles, Nota has been a director of the Orchard, a Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary, since June 2019. He also owns the label SoFet Urbantainment CC. This job gives him quite a lot, but he has some other means to make money, and he explained them.

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Indeed, Nota’s claim might be taken as far-fetched or simply a lie to portray what he is not. However, looking at his profile and other business ventures, it is challenging to shut him down. He is a giant in the industry and has found a way of making millions of Rands every year.

Speaking in an interview, Nota Baloyi said he is a millionaire and doesn’t have to wear it for everyone to see it. He said that he doesn’t invest in properties like real estate because of the daily responsibilities it requires. However, Nota noted that he has intellectual property that brings him money.

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He continued by saying that all he has to do is to market his intellectual property and bring s him even more money. As well he claimed that he was already more prosperous than his father. Here is how Nota Baloyi makes millions every year:


Indeed, Nota doesn’t shy away from positioning himself as the godfather or the most responsible person in SA hip-hop. He calls himself the genre authority ad is living high with it. He also detailed how much of an impact he has given to SA hip-hop and how he helped fellow artists.

Probably, this authority also contributes to how Nota Baloyi makes millions in a year. Here is Nota’s response on the authority status:

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The Authority thing is like, leadership is about someone taking responsibility, so I thought this hip hop community I have contributed so much to I want it to grow, flourish and be able to contribute to the well-being of other people’s lives other than myself it has done so much for me.

I’ve given people the codes, everything, how I did it who I spoke to, who gave me the deals, the exact amount of the deals, how much were the percentages, what are the splits, what’s fair, and all the things that people will necessarily call codes, i gave up for free