Pearl Thusi emotional letter

Pearl Thusi and her two daughters. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

‘Hey Ma’: Pearl Thusi’s emotional letter to her late mother

South African actress Pearl Thusi’s lengthy and emotional letter to her late mother has left Mzansi in tears.

Pearl Thusi emotional letter

Pearl Thusi and her two daughters. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

Actress Pearl Thusi has penned an emotional letter to her late mother as she continues celebrates her own birthday.

It’s been a special week for Pearl Thusi as she celebrated her birthday and Mother’s Day simultaneously.

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She said that her mother would make her birthday memorable and not celebrating it would make her sad.

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As she details how she used to celebrate her birthday with her mother, Pearl promised not to give up celebrating life, saying:

“I know I’m doing a lot right now because giving up would mean she died for nothing.”

Pearl Thusi emotional letter
Pearl Thusi and her kids. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi


Pearl shows how much she misses her mother in her letter below.

“Hey Ma…
Happy birthday to me.
Coz I’m living for you.
And I’m sorry that the day I was born is the same day I have to face that there’ll never be another day where I can show you the love I still have for you.
No matter how hard I could pray.

So I’ll love my two girls for you
Support every woman I can for you.
Love myself as hard as I can for you.
Even when it means hurting myself.
Because every woman I can save
Means I did my best to save you.
When I didn’t have the chance to.
Because you never made it look like you needed saving.

And if I don’t need to prove to you
How I feel about every year since losing you.
Prove to myself that I miss you.
That I knew and loved you.
That I was worth every sacrifice you made.

Why am I so silently harsh to myself.
Why do I create impossible standards for myself.
Why am I so hard on myself?

And why do I hide it so well?

Oh shit.

That’s exactly what you did to yourself.



The lengthy letter left many fans relating it to their lives.

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Here are some of the most interesting comments:

“This is so relatable especially because I lost my mother too and I do yearn to be a mother as well, but a part of me isn’t looking forward to my journey especially because I won’t have my mother there with me.”

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“I never knew anyone shared how I feel. This is my dad to me. You have captured my feelings into words… Thank You Pearl❤️”

“🙏🏼♥️ Omigosh @pearlthusi I’m teary reading this post… precious you, precious heart and thank you to your precious mom for bringing you into this world, a powerful woman with magic… can change the world 🌷♥️🌷”