Costa Titch TikTok dance

Costa Titch. image via TikTok @costatitch

He was a vibe: Costa Titch’s dance that broke TikTok [video]

Throwback video – The late South African musician Costa Titch’s dance moves broke and went viral on TikTok.

Costa Titch TikTok dance

Costa Titch. image via TikTok @costatitch

The late South African musician Costa Titch was a talented artist, and here is a video of his dance.

Costa Titch broke into the scene with his hit album, Made in Africa, featuring AKA and Boity.

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Since then, he treated Mzansi with good music and impressive dance moves.

Most of his videos on TikTok have over a million views, but here is a dance that impressed fans the most.

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On TikTok, the video has 46.5 million views as of 12 September 2023.

When he shared the video on TikTok, Costa had few words but big vibes.

“Big vibes😅💚”

Costa Titch TikTok dance
Costa Tich. Image via Instagram @costatitch


In the video, Costa played Uncle Waffles’ hit song, Yahyupiyah.

The song went viral, and the dance made many challenges on TikTok, with many fans replicating it.

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Costa also did the same dance on his hit song Big Flexa, which has millions of views on TikTok.

Since Costa did the dance challenge, many top celebs also enjoyed the same dance.

Undoubtedly, nobody knew that Costa was living his last days on earth.


After Costa Titch shared a video of his dance on TikTok, many fans showed him the love.

“The facial expression of the guy in the middle💥”

“And tik tok made sure they put him right after his death 🧍🏾💔”

“Porque ami,me aparecen las personas, después que fallecen 🥺🥺🥺”

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“justo me acaba de salir el vídeo de su muerte y ahora este video de su cuenta 😨”

“Nunca apareceu um vídeo dele pra mim antes daquilo acontecer💔”

“ooh my Good l love ur songs very much costa titch🥰🥰”