Gogo Maweni twerk moves

Gogo Maweni. Images via Instagram @dr_maweni

‘Sangoma OUT, Twerker IN’: Gogo Maweni’s waist-breaking twerk moves on TikTok [Watch]

Gogo Maweni puts aside her ‘Sangoma’ attire as she went on to make some waist-breaking twerk moves on TikTok.

Gogo Maweni twerk moves

Gogo Maweni. Images via Instagram @dr_maweni

Gogo Maweni puts aside her ‘Sangoma vibes’ as she produced waist-breaking twerk dance moves in a viral TikTok video.

Indeed, Gogo Maweni is not the type to mess with. The outspoken ‘Sangoma’ is popularly known for her pride in her work and the freedom she demands from everyone. A few days ago, she had been topping trends following her comments on ex-lover SK Khoza.

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With such a huge goodwill for playing with snakes and owls, Gogo Maweni seemed to e more feared than loved. However, it’s only a small side of her character that many fans know; she is extra vibes in her private life. In this TikTok video, Gogo Maweni undresses everything you know her off as she puts on twerk dance moves.

Indeed, Gogo Maweni must have been putting in some practice. Otherwise, she would have lost her waist making such twerk dance moves. If you have yet to see a ‘Sangoma’ doing what twerkers do, wait a bit for Gogo Maweni’s twerk dance moves.

Gogo Maweni twerk moves
Gogo Maweni. Image via Instagram @dr_maweni


Watching herself in a mirror, Gogo Maweni tried hard to do what she saw twerkers doing but struggled. It must have looked easy to manage on TikTok or TV, but doing it proved too hard.

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‘Sangoma’ Maweni had somewhere to copy some twerk dance moves thanks to another lady she danced with. Upon trying it, Maweni quickly understood that her twerk dance moves were terrible.

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She immediately laughed and saying:

“l don’t have a pretty back, l don’t have nyash”

Indeed, she knew that her video would attract so many comments, and some toxic fans would get to throw some blows at her. Maweni then disabled comments on her twerk dance moves post.

Watch Gogo Maweni’s twerk dance moves