Gogo Maweni’s ‘baby daddies’

Gogo Maweni with her Sabelo Mgube. Image from Instagram@dr_maweni

Gogo Maweni attempts to squash divorce rumours by praising husband

Gogo Maweni has gone on the defense on social media to assure the public that all is well between her and her husband.

Gogo Maweni’s ‘baby daddies’

Gogo Maweni with her Sabelo Mgube. Image from Instagram@dr_maweni

Currently the leading celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni whose real name is Makgotso Mokopo has decided to finally comment or rather get rid of the divorce rumors that have been trending on social media regarding her marriage.

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How it all started

South Africa was first introduced to Gogo Maweni’s boo – thang turned husband Sanele Mgube on the second season of the reality show that brought her national fame Izangoma Zodumo. The relationship seemed genuine and we were once again shocked that they were married but nonetheless they did make a beautiful power couple.

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So now it is 2023 and the divorce rumours started circling on social media that what we thought was a perfect match was not-so-perfect. So naturally in order to maintain the fairytale Gogo Maweni has followed the route of every celebrity that has had alleged marriage problems and that is to kill the rumours on social media.

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni and her husband Sabelo Mgube. Images via Instagram: @dr_maweni

The reality tv star uploaded a post gushing over her husband’s caption on his post where he was detailing their anniversary celebrations which were held at the Zuma Restaurant. The star went on to add how he has always been her support system through the good and the bad times in her life. She went on to praise him for the way that he stepped up to help raise her sons.

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What went wrong between Gogo Maweni & Sabelo

The trouble allegedly started according to briefly when there were reports that started circulating that Sanele was smooching off his wife naturally she killed these claims and stated that he makes his own money. The straw that apparently broke the camel’s back was the fact that the Sanele apparently crashed Maweni’s expensive car.

She has in the past admitted that their relationship that their relationship is not perfect but they still deeply care for one another.

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