Thuso Mbedu expensive lifestyle

Thuso Mbedu. image via Instagram @thuso.mbedu

From Paris to Miami via Vienna: Thuso Mbedu’s July expensive lifestyle gets Mzansi talking [video]

She is living big: Thuso Mbedu impressed South Africans by sharing videos and pictures of her expensive July lifestyle.

Thuso Mbedu expensive lifestyle

Thuso Mbedu. image via Instagram @thuso.mbedu

South African actress Thuso Mbedu has been living an expensive lifestyle in July as she travelled worldwide.

Thuso Mbedu saw her profile rising to high, and she immediately became an international actress.

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Besides staying in South Africa looking for roles in soapies, Thuso Mbedu is now doing international movies like The Woman King.

All this success in the past few years has made her a lot of money to spend.

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Indeed, the money came to the right person; Thuso Mbedu doesn’t shy from spending big and travelling.

She shared on her Instagram how much she lived in July, which impressed South Africans.

“July, we have a months 🥰 • PARIS • CROATIA • VIENNA • MIAMI, Not enough frames to house the memories. #32. August, my baby, ngiyakucela. “I’m begging you, sthandwa sami” 🥹”

Thuso Mbedu expensive lifestyle
Thuso Mbedu. Image via Facebook @thuso.mbedu


Indeed, travelling is a thing that Thuso Mbedu loves, and she is always on the plane.

She also loves big cars and SUVs, showing how much she loves to travel, even by road.

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One thing for sure is that moving around the world like she did in July is not cheap.

Many fans were shocked how much Thuso Mbedu lives such an expensive lifestyle.

In the last slide of her Instagram post, Thuso Mbedu shared a funny video of a lady celebrating, and fans also loved it.


After Thuso Mbedu shared the videos and pictures of her July lifestyle, fans loved it, noticing how expensive it was.

“You are a pleasure to look at ❤ there’s a softness about you.”

“Indeed we have the months in July. August better behave”

“One thing about thuso you always so chilled , the way you dress , the videos you post stay true 🌸🌸”

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“And the beauty is seen everywhere”

“Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories and in frame 9 we see you and @gpbmadeit representing”

“We have a month’s, and it flew by so quickly”

“🔥🔥😪you inspire me now ways🥺🥺💯as Emtee said ‘Iyothi meyihlangana’🥺🥺👍🏽💯🔥”