Sorisha Naidoo birthday tribute

Vivian Reddy, Sorisha Naidoo and their daugther. images via Instagram @sorishanaidoo

‘From academics to drama’: Sorisha Naidoo’s birthday tribute to her daughter Kelina [pictures]

It took her some time to put together – Sorisha Naidoo penned a lengthy and emotional birthday tribute to her daughter Kelina.

Sorisha Naidoo birthday tribute

Vivian Reddy, Sorisha Naidoo and their daugther. images via Instagram @sorishanaidoo

South African actress and reality star Sorisha Naidoo penned a heartfelt birthday tribute to her daughter.

Sorisha is one of the wealthiest Real Housewives of Durban, always showing her riches in cash.

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However, the talented lady is also rich in her heart as she opened it, wishing her daughter Kelina a great day.

Kelina celebrated her 13th birthday on 5 August 2023, but it took Sorisha a few days to prepare her words.

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In her first post, she thanked service providers for organising a great birthday party.

“Thank you @partyprincess___ for the amazing set up for my baby’s birthday 💙❤️💙❤️💙Thank you @radissonbludurban @candypophire @chefvivmillingham @thejukeboxcompany”


Sharing on her Instagram, Sorisha opened her heart, appreciating her daughter.

“Happiest of birthdays to our Kalina, thank you for showing me you can have it all. You work hard and you play hard, your drive to be the best always amazes me. From academics to drama, to sport, to your amazing friend circle, your dad and I are so very proud of you.” she said.

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“Thank you for choosing me as your mum and thank you for adding value to this family. I love you and can’t believe it’s been 13 years already. When you were born I was going through the most and I got all my strength just by being with you.” she continued.

“You have strong Shiva and Mother vibes and I love that about you. It is such an honor to be your mum❤️❤️” she finished.


After Sorisha Naidoo shared her birthday tribute to her daughter Kelina, fans wished her well.

“All im seeing is Ms South Africa in the making. She is sooooo gorgeous. Turn Salt.”

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“Happy Birthday to your sweet Princess 👑 Kalina is such a sweetheart, I hope she will have an amazing day! ❤️”

“Happy 13th Kalina!!An Official Teenager !! Congratulations on your milestone and here’s to many more blessed days!”

“Your kids are now taller than you😮 like when did that happen😫?? Where did the time go 😮‍💨 Happiest birthday sweet girl 🌺”