Nkosazana Daughter hacked

Nkosazana Daughter. Image via Instagram @nkosazana_daughter

ALERT: Fake invoice already issued – Nkosazana Daughter is hacked [video]

Nkosazana Daughter was hacked, and the hackers have already started producing and issuing fake invoices for bookings.

Nkosazana Daughter hacked

Nkosazana Daughter. Image via Instagram @nkosazana_daughter

Amapiano vocalist Nkosazana Daughter was hacked, and the hackers have already made a fake invoice.

Nkosazana Dauhter is one of the most sought-after artists in South Africa, and her schedule is busy.

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With that in mind, most fans and promoters try to nook with her and make their shows great.

This catch attracted hackers who took over her bookings and have already issued an invoice.

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Sharing on her Instagram, Nkosazana Daughter left fans even more confused.

Some fans wondered if her first Instagram post resulted from hacking, but she made a video later.

“What if they also hacked this account & it’s them posting all these? Please go live or do a video.”


Sharing the bad news on her Instagram, Nkosazana Daughter looked so low and down.

She reassured her fans and those who wanted to book her to avoid using the old route and only contact her manager.

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As she finished the video, she vowed to find the culprit who hacked her.

“Please note that bookings have been hacked plz spread the word and let other ppl know and contact my manager @caroline_rosch” she said.


After Nkosazana Daughter shared the news that she was hacked and a fake invoice was issued; many fans consoled her.

“Love you gal, keep yr head up, dat muurfkcuer o tla bonwa.”

“Mama, those nose rings aiii khona so disturbing.”

“Am sorry to get out of the line but I so love your voice.. if you don’t mind please update us through videos even if you have gigs please share them through V R..”

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“Sorry Daughter ….but anyways we move 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏”

“Some people are devils. Why do people do things like this 😕”

“I think the system of gigs needs to be changed. I am saying this because most of Piano artists are facing same challenge all the time, and in my view, I think there’s a better way of resolving this problem and trust me, this whole madness of scammers will stop and if you wanna know how my dms are open.”