Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi opened up about the birth of baby Sky Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi

‘Crying from pain’: Faith Nketsi opens up about daughter’s birth

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi became all emotional online after her daughter with hubby Nzuzo Njilo turned one this weekend.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi opened up about the birth of baby Sky Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi

South African influencer and reality TV star Faith Nketsi worried fans after becoming emotional on Twitter this week. In a series of tweets, the Have Faith star opened up about the birth of her daughter Sky Njilo who turned one on Saturday 12 August. While she didn’t reveal very much about the birth of Sky, judging by her tweets, it wasn’t the dreamy birth everyone hopes for.

Spotting how touching it all is for her, many of her fans shared heartfelt messages of support and birthday wishes to the little one in the comment section.

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Faith Nketsi opens up about daughter’s birth

Just over a year ago, South African rapper and former Pro-Twerkers group leader Faith Nketsi denied rumours that she was pregnant.

Not long after sharing photos of her tiny waist, she shocked South Africans with a secret wedding to KwaZulu-Natal businessman Nzuzo Njilo.

Not long thereafter, she opened up about giving birth to a little girl who she named Sky.

And now a year later, Sky is one years old and Faith seemingly can’t hold back her tears. Taking to her Twitter, the reality TV star opened up about having a very difficult birth.

Faith Nketsi daughter face
Faith Nketsi and her daughter. image via Instagram @faith.nketsi

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In a touching post, she revealed that telling the story of Sky’s birth is very painful for her.

“One day I’ll tell our story in detail but I need to find a way to tell it without crying from pain. I want to tell it when I’m strong enough to relive it. I try to not talk about it and I even avoid looking at pictures. She’s such a miracle I swear. I look at her and I see God,” she wrote.

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SA has kind words

Many of her fans headed to the comment section to share thoughtful messages and birthday wishes with Faith and Sky.

“As your name says it all. “Have FAITH” It shall be well,” one person said while another added:

“I hope you heal from all things you don’t talk about”

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