Springboks Faf

Faf De Klerk loves laughing and making others laugh. Image via Instagram @fafster09

‘Last born energy’: Faf de Klerk’s playful ways tickles SA pink

‘He’s like an annoying little brother,’ one fan said about Springbok star Faf de Klerk who is always getting up to something hilarious.

Springboks Faf

Faf De Klerk loves laughing and making others laugh. Image via Instagram @fafster09

Faf de Klerk is definitely a funny guy. When he isn’t wearing hilarious underwear during important Rugby World Cup matches, he is teasing his opponents and behaving bizarrely on the field. It looks like his Springbok teammates can get no peace when he is around and South African rugby fans have picked up on this.

A video of Faf playing around during what appears to be a group photo moment has gone viral as locals discuss his “last born energy”.

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SA loves Faf de Klerk’s ‘last born energy’

At this point, no one knows what to expect when Springbok scrum half Faf de Klerk gets on the field.

He has gained himself a bit of a reputation as the team’s mischievous member after pulling one trick or the other during every single match.

This week, the Springboks faced off against England and left South Africans biting their nails after lagging behind until the very last minute.

Springboks Faf springboks
Faf De Klerk is SA’s funny guy. Image via Instagram @fafster09

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During the match, Faf got up to his usual tactics when he tried to take on a player who was twice his size.

Spectators watched as he annoyed the player for a bit before running off in the knick of time. And now a video of him displaying that same child like tactics with his teammates was shared online.

Take a look below:

SA loves it

In the comment section, X users laughed at how infectious his playfulness is. Many remarked that he is like the naughty little brother that every family has.

“Faf De Klerk has last born energy idk how to explain it,” one person said while another added:

“Lmao He’s like that annoying lil brother.”

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