Kabza Muslim-like outfit

Kabza De Small. image via Instagram @kabelomotha_

‘Drunken Muhammad’: Kabza De Small’s Muslim-like outfit divides religions [pictures]

‘Sheik Mohammed Motha’: Kabza De Small divides religions as he puts on a Muslim-like outfit while drinking beer.

Kabza Muslim-like outfit

Kabza De Small. image via Instagram @kabelomotha_

South African record producer Kabza De Small’s Muslim-like outfits divide religions on social media.

Indeed, Kabza is a loved man, and his influence has been in many religions, including Christianity and Muslims.

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A few weeks ago, he shared pictures of wearing an outfit that made him look like a Muslim.

The post has left many fans talking, and fans can’t get enough of the talk.

Kabza is a man of the groove; he breathes and eats Amapiano and doesn’t shy away from drinking alcohol.

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His character and lifestyle do not align well with people’s expectations of Muslim attributes.

Sharing such pictures on social media has made some Muslims furious, while others defended him.

Even though Kabza refused to start the decision by his words in the caption, fans noticed,

“Habibi ❤️”

Kabza Muslim-like outfit
Kabza De Small. image via Instagram @kabelomotha_


It seemed as if Kabza and his friends were going out on an all-white event when he chose his outfit.

His other friends also wore all-white outfits but did not look like Muslims.

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To add more fire to furious fans, one of Kabza’s pictures implied that he was drinking alcohol in a red cup.

Most Muslims did not like it as they imagined a mock of their culture, while some from other religions said it was only fashion.

Indeed, the post divided fans so much that it had over a thousand comments in a few weeks.


After Kabza De Small shared pictures in his Muslim-like outfit drinking beer, fans often argued on Instagram.

“Ooooh am l seeing a drunken Muhammad here bra Motha?”

“May GOD deal with you in his own way for making a fool out of a religion, don’t say you were not warned ! KARMA is a b****”

“Muhammad De Small waka hle 🥹🫦🫵🏾❤️”

“Habibi you can’t drink wearing the sanctuary wear 😄”

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“No my friend price three bifty but for you my friend I give you two bifty” 😭😭😭”

“What is the point of the Islamic attire and alcohol and in the hand?”

“Ull make fun of wat ull cannot handle if we ever meet ur heads are off”

“Wearing a religious outfit and dancing to music is disgusting can Yourl respect other peaples religions”