Nkosazana Daughter dancing war

Nkosazana Daughter. image via Instagram @nkosazana_daughter

‘Don’t try too much’: Nkosazana Daughter’s dancing starts a war on TikTok [video]

‘I don’t do anything to please no one’: Nkosazana Daughter defends her dancing after fans started a war on TikTok.

Nkosazana Daughter dancing war

Nkosazana Daughter. image via Instagram @nkosazana_daughter

Nkosazana Daughter’s dancing started a war on TikTok as fans disagreed on what she did.

Nkosazama Daughter is one of the most followed South African musicians on TikTok.

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She went viral a few months ago with her Bhebha dance challenge, but she did not impress all this time.

She knows something about keeping fans engaged, but it seemed her recent video went a little deeper.

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Nkosazana shared a video of dancing, and it seemed not all fans were impressed by her skills.

One fan was left with advice, saying she should not try too much; she did not take it easy.

“…ngiyacela sisi dont try too hard abantu they love you for who you are”


After the unimpressed fan shared their opinion, it seemed Bkosazana did not take that comment lightly.

She responded with harsh words, saying she did not dance to impress anyone.

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The problem with ppl like u is that u think we not human and for that we must be robots,” she said

“🤖 no lala I don’t do anything to please no one justhavin fun”, she continued speaking of her position and how much she can’t please everyone.


After Nkosazana Daughter shared her dancing video, it started a war of words, with many fans clashing.

“u did well.ppl feel too entitled.i mn they can hv an opinion.dont we all but ppl nid to draw e line @some point😄”

“nkosazane daughter I Asiphile Kunene I am very obsessed sometimes people say I will never see you I wish to see ❤️you in the future or in the now”

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“damn Nkosazan this is giving, i like your work but didnt think you can dance eer☺️”

“since u r a celebrity u should live to please ppl unfortunately”

“Nah thats for people not you … y’all don’t post cz you’re happy ! With the way y’all be relying on your physical appearance for followers and stuff”

“nidlala ngaye kodwa, usemncane lomuntu besides the fact that unengane. let her dress and do whatever she likes.”