DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle and her husband Mörda jetted out the country for an all-white party. Image via Instagram @DJ Zinhle_Morda_fan_page

‘Zimbabwe you rock’: DJ Zinhle blogs her trip with Mörda

DJ Zinhle and her husband Mörda jetted to Zimbabwe to perform at an all-white party. The fabulous Zinhle blogged the trip for her fans and social media followers.

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle and her husband Mörda jetted out the country for an all-white party. Image via Instagram @DJ Zinhle_Morda_fan_page

Love birds DJ Zinhle and her loving husband Mörda spent a day out of the country. Zinhle posted a blog on her Instagram yesterday 23 December where she narrated on how the Zimbabwe trip was spent.


In a caption, the Indlovu DJ wrote,

“Summary of our trip to Zimbabwe.”

The married entertainers had an all-white party gig to attend. The video starts off with Zinhle rolling her eyes at her husband’s Nintendo game. The couple was at the airport when she complained that her lover was extremely obsessed with the game. She playfully added that she felt as though her husband obsessed over the game more than he did her.

“So, Mörda and I were invited to go to Zimbabwe to perform at this all-white. Off we go. Arg, he is so obsessed with this game. Personally, I think he should be more obsessed with me,” she said jokingly.

The newly wedded couple can be seen boarding an aeroplane before touching down in Zimbabwe and getting into a black SUV (Sport utility vehicle).

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In the next scene, Zinhle captures herself with the Black Motion band member in a hotel elevator where they were staying for the night. In the clip, the Umlilo hitmaker said that she had forgotten it was an all-white party and did not dress to the theme of the event. She captured herself wearing a fitted mustard mash lace turtle-neck shirt which she paired with matching knee-length shorts.  

Before arriving at the gig, the Dj blogged that she was feeling sick but the show had to go on. She gave her viewers a glimpse of cough medicine alongside a bottle of nasal pray. Zinhle hoped that the medicine would clear up her congestion before her performance.

After gig, Zinhle bogged that “the event was insane” and , “the people were beautiful.”

“Zimbabwe, you rock,” she concluded

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle and Mörda lived their best married entertainers life in Zimbabwe where they were both booked for a gig. Image via Instagram @DJ Zinhle_Morda_fan_page


The next day they headed to the airport where Mörda was recorded taking pictures with fans. Zinhle shared that in one of the clips, she forced her husband to give her a kiss and that it made for good content.  

In a previous story reported by The South African, Mörda was reported saying that he had adjusted well to married life and being a father of two daughters.

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