DJ Zinhle and Thuli P shared an awkward exchange. Image: TikTok via @ lynavelmedia

DJ Zinhle and Thuli P shared an awkward exchange. Image: TikTok via @lynavelmedia

DJ Zinhle and Thuli P: ‘It’s giving, girl move’

Speculation about the nature of their interaction, included theories about Thuli P’s past relationship with DJ Zinhle’s husband.

DJ Zinhle and Thuli P shared an awkward exchange. Image: TikTok via @ lynavelmedia

DJ Zinhle and Thuli P shared an awkward exchange. Image: TikTok via @lynavelmedia

A video of the enigmatic DJ Zinhle and the formidable Thuli P has ignited a firestorm of speculation, gossip, and fan theories, leaving fans to decipher the unspoken tensions in this captivating clip.

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A viral video posted on social media captured the exact moment when the two crossed paths. They met backstage at a recent music festival. The atmosphere was charged with tension as Thuli P seemed to have an icy demeanour towards DJ Zinhle.

As the video rolled on, it became apparent that Thuli P was preparing to kick off her set just as Zinhle was wrapping up hers, a coincidental timing that didn’t escape the keen eyes of fans.

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What caught the most attention was Thuli P’s apparent lack of acknowledgement towards DJ Zinhle’s presence. Not only did she not wait for DJ Zinhle to vacate the stage before setting up, but she also refrained from flashing even a hint of a smile in Zinhle’s direction. The frosty interaction left fans with eyebrows raised and curiosity piqued.

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While Thuli P’s demeanour may have appeared chilly, Zinhle handled the situation with grace and poise. As she exited the stage, onlookers caught a glimpse of her laughing and seemingly unfazed by the chilly reception. The “Umlilo” hitmaker seemed to exude an air of elegance, choosing to rise above any potential negativity.

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Rumours and speculations are flying left and right as fans attempt to decipher the true nature of this unexpected encounter. Many are quick to point out the history between the two, particularly Thuli P’s past relationship with Zinhle’s husband, the charismatic Murdah Bongz.

Some fans speculate that the frigid reception could be a sign of lingering bitterness, while others are more inclined to believe that Thuli P’s attention was firmly fixed on the upcoming set, hence her no-nonsense approach.

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As the video continues to make waves across social media platforms, it’s clear that this backstage encounter between the two is far from being just a footnote in festival history. The debate rages on, with fans and followers expressing a wide array of opinions on the true meaning behind the icy encounter.