Gugu Khathi and DJ Tira

DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khathi. Image via Twitter @lindsy3545

DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi lawyers up against Musa Khawula

Gugu Khathi is allegedly lawyering up against Musa Khawula after he accused her of cheating on DJ Tira with Tebogo Lerole.

Gugu Khathi and DJ Tira

DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khathi. Image via Twitter @lindsy3545

Gugu Khathi, the wife of South African musician DJ Tira is reportedly taking legal action against infamous gossip blogger Musa Khawula. This follows accusations made by Musa that Gugu has been cheating on Tira for years now. According to Musa, Gugu has been having an affair with Tebogo Lerole.

Previously addressing these rumours, Tira shared that he has full confidence in his wife’s faithfulness. He also added that he refuses to “pay attention to nonsense”.

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Gugu Kathi reportedly sets lawyers on Musa

For months now DJ Tira’s marriage has been rocked by cheating claims.

Various reports have alleged that his wife Gugu Khathi has been having an affair with local businessman Tebogo Lerole.

Gugu Khathi's alleged affair
Gugu Khathi’s alleged affair Lerole resurfaced. Images from Instagram@gugu.khathi/Twitter @poppulsesa

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Heading to social media, Musa Khawula further spread the news by alleging that the pair were “all over each other” during a recent Eastern Cape trip,

“Gugu Khathi is cheating on her husband DJ Tira with broke Tebogo from Khwela Tebza. They were recently in Eastern Cape for the SUV challenge, and they were all over each other every two seconds,” Musa reportedly wrote in a tweet.

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Legal action ahead

Briefly News now reports that Gugu Kathi is seeking legal action against Musa. The publication reports that Gugu is trying to force the gossip blogger to reveal who the source behind the claims are.

This after former employee of Tebogo, Slindile Khumalo, allegedly accused him of unfair dismal and having a secret affair with Gugu.

Meanwhile, Tira previously blue ticked the rumours and assured his fans that he has full trust in his wife.

“I trust my woman, I don’t pay attention to nonsense.”

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