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Die Antwoord drops documentary trailer [Watch]

South African band Die Antwoord have announced their tour for 2024… But they’ve also announced their new documentary trailer. Watch it here, love or hate?

ninja die antwoord

Instagram / Die Antwoord

South African band Die Antwoord have just announced their EU and European tour a few days ago via their social media pages.

The tour was announced with a mock-up of Vi$$er receiving surgery, along with details on where their tour will be headed – including England and the Czech Republic.

Now, they’ve dropped a trailer for their new documentary, including photography by Roger Ballen. The documentary is set to be narrated by their daughter Sixteen, with contributions from band members ‘Hi-Tek”, Vi$$er, and Ninja.

Here’s more about the thing called ZEF.

Die Antwoord drops documentary trailer

A new documentary called ‘ZEF: The Story of Die Antwoord’ has just been announced via the band’s official website.

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There have been rumours of comeback by the band for a while, including cryptic posts on their social media pages made in April this year.

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The film project is directed by Jon Day, and seems to feature a unique storyline that intermingles Ninja ‘Watkin’ Jones, Vi$$er and Sixteen into a story about the band.

The trailer includes footage from their videos, but also unique snippets from their rare personal lives – like when Sixteen was born.


Footage from ZEF also describes the band’s early start, and how they went from zef-and-zero to selling out international stadiums.

[Watch] ZEF

The trailer for the new film project by controversial ‘zef’ band has just been released, and they’re calling it ‘ZEF’.

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Watch the trailer below.

Die Antwoord’s 2024 EU & Europe Tour

Die Antwoord isn’t done yet, it seems.

The trailer coincides with the announcement of a tour through the EU and Europe, which will take the band to locations like Poland and France.

So far there haven’t been announcements about what songs will be part of their tour, and whether it will feature any new material by the zef-rappers.