Cyan Boujee video

Influencer Cyan Boujee .Images from Instagram@cyan.boujee24

“Sex Sells” – Cyan Boujee shows off busy gig guide after leaked video

“Sex sells” – Controversial DJ Cyan Boujee has left many stunned with her busy gig guide in the backdrop of her leaked video.

Cyan Boujee video

Influencer Cyan Boujee .Images from Instagram@cyan.boujee24

A week ago, controversial influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee made headlines after her leaked intimate video went viral on social media.

In the backdrop of the leaked video, she pulled a shock when she revealed that Prince Kaybee had leaked it in the backdrop of their fallout.

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However, her sentiments left many trying to connect the dots about their relationship.

The bubbly 21-year-old revealed that she had a relationship with the famed producer two years ago when she was only 19, and that’s when the video was recorded.

Cyan Boujee gig guide
Cyan Boujee and Prince Kaybee. Images from Instagram@Icyan.boujee24@princekaybee_sa

She made it known that the muso demanded to record the video only to leak it two years later. However, it seems she has since moved on from the drama and is back to business and open for bookings.

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After it seems her fair share of drama gave her a head start regarding bookings. Taking to Instagram, Cyan Boujee revealed her busy gig guide.

No doubt she has several gigs on her way, and she is not shy to show for it. Cyan Boujee captioned the now-viral post, “Ngisese busy, ngizohleka ngasekdala.”

After all, the bubbly DJ won’t take a break from the public spotlight despite her leaked video woes.

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A few days ago, her management notified Mzansi that their client had not considered honouring or cancelling her gigs.

But with her recent posts, it seems she will honour her gigs. However, little is known if she will pursue legal action against Prince Kaybee over the leaked video.

On the other hand, Prince Kaybee has since distanced himself from the drama and has made it known that he will take legal action against Cyan Boujee.

He revealed that he would be suing Cyan Boujee after fingering him into her woes that have since taken a toll on Prince Kaybee.