DJ Kabila has called out CemAir airlines for ‘discriminating’ against disabled people.
Image via Twitter

‘Daylight robbery’: Disabled DJ slams CemAir ‘discrimination’

‘Charging you for having a disability’: Black Coffee and others slammed CemAir for ‘discriminating’ against disabled artist; DJ Kabila.


DJ Kabila has called out CemAir airlines for ‘discriminating’ against disabled people.
Image via Twitter

DJ Black Coffee has thrown his support behind a fellow artist – DJ Kabila – who accused private airline CemAir of ‘discriminating’ against him because of his disability

The wheelchair-bound muso shared a clip of his encounter at an airport’s boarding facility.

According to Kabila, CemAir is the first airline to charge him additionally for using a passenger-aid unit (PAU), a device that allows wheelchairs to board airplanes.


In the clip posted on Tuesday 11 October, DJ Kabila shared his frustrations after booking a flight at CemAir.

Pictured at an unknown airport, he said: “This is daylight robbery. I have to pay for my PAU just because I am a disabled person.

“On their website, there is nothing that specifies you have to pay separately for a PAU. And then you come to the airport and you have to pay R564. What is that?

He added: “All these airlines, you don’t pay for a PAU, you just book it. This is wrong!”.

He added in a tweet, tagging CemAir: “For the mere fact of being disabled you need to pay more for a service that is free on all air flights”.

In 1999, DJ Kabila survived a car accident that left him paralysed and wheelchair-bound.


Following Kabila’s irate video about CemAir, several tweeps slammed the airlines for “exploiting” people with disabilities.

@Pelido1: “This is discrimination on another level”

@Born_of_Afrika: “This is completely ridiculous.  They’re practically charging you for having a disability.

@mnongi_A: “Very wrong over and above the fact that flights are expensive”

DJ Black Coffee – a friend of Kabila’s, who himself has a disabled hand, also weighed in.

Retweeting the video to his 4.8 million followers, he posted: “This can’t be it”

CemAir has yet to respond to the backlash.

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