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Cassper Nyovest and the late AKA. Image from Instagram/@akaworld@casspernyovest

Cassper Nyovest pays homeage to archrival AKA in new song

‘A very important featurе in my life’: In his latest album titled ‘Solomon,’ Cassper lit a candle for slain rapper and archenemy AKA.

AKA's distribution company

Cassper Nyovest and the late AKA. Image from Instagram/@akaworld@casspernyovest

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has released his highly-anticipated album titled Solomon and in it he pays tribute to his late archenemy Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

The Company hitmaker was gunned down in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in February this year. No arrests have been made.

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To honour his rival, Cassper penned the song Candlelight, where he reminisces about his interactions with AKA. He also expresses his sorrow at the untimely death of the rapper who was also affectionately known as Supa Mega.

“This time is for the legacy. I don’t do it just to do it, this is therapy. And if this sh*t don’t exist then we develop it. And when I heard it I was just as hurt as the Megacy, uh.

“Man, our battle was the highlight. I was confused when you came and gave me high fives. A very important featurе in my life. And you still shining, yeah, we see you in thе starlights, yeah,” raps Cassper.

Cassper also talks about visiting the Forbes to convey his condolences after AKA’s passing and also jokes that his father, Tony Forbes, may just be cooler than the late rapper.

In July this year, Tony shared an image of him and Cassper, subsequently thanking him for the support.

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During his interview on The Episode podcast in July, Cassper opened up about the impact of his AKA’s passing on him, regrets concerning their beef and them working making music together.

Asked about their beef and if he had any regrets, Cassper responded that he does, however, he acknowledges that they were both living in the moment.

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The After 10 rapper shared that he had hoped him and AKA would get into a boxing ring to iron things out once and for all. He also shared that they have unreleased music together.

“I thought we were going to get into the boxing ring and handle it there. I thought after that we would be OK and make music. Well, we do have music together that people have never heard. We made a few records together.”

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Although Cassper and AKA were rivals, there were a couple of times that they were spotted together. In 2016, their respective fans were convinced that they had squashed their beef when they were pictured hugging at the Baby Girl rapper’s Fill Up Orlando Stadium at Taboo.

Six years later, the rappers shocked fans when a clip of them high five’ing each other surfaced. The clip was taken during fellow rapper Big Zulu’s Celebrity Soccer Games.

AKA and Cassper