Senzo Meyiwa and Zandie Khumalo

Senzo Meyiwa and Zandie Khumalo. Images via Twitter, Instagram @zandie_khumalo_gumede

Zandie accused of attention seeking after letter to president

‘Trias politica is our system’: Netizens have told musician Zandie Khumalo she wrote to the wrong office regarding the #Meyiwamurderyrial.

Senzo Meyiwa and Zandie Khumalo

Senzo Meyiwa and Zandie Khumalo. Images via Twitter, Instagram @zandie_khumalo_gumede

South African have weighed in following musician Zandie Khumalo’s letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa in connection with the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.

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The Ikhwela singer is one of the six adults in the house the night the Bafana Bafana goalkeeper was gunned down in October 2014 in Vosloorus. She is also the sister of musician Kelly Khumalo – Meyiwa’s girlfriend at the time.

In her letter, Zandie thanked Ramaphosa for his interest in the case, for thanking him for reusing Judge Maumela who will no longer be presiding over the trial. Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng will take over when the trial resumes or starts afresh.

“… In my limited knowledge of the courts modus operandi and its dependence or independence to politics I am not certain if the decision to recuse the sitting judge was a good one or a bad one and I don’t either condone or condemn it but it was rather comforting for me to learn that you Mr president has an eye and interest in this court case,” she wrote.

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The mother-of-one – who was one of the witnesses, Longwe Twala’s girlfriend at the time – expressed the pain the family’s affected in Meyiwa’s murder have experienced.

She further pleaded with President Ramaphosa that the case be prioritised, asking that there be no further delays moving forward. She also asked that one courtroom be earmarked and that trial sits weekly until there’s a verdict.

“My biggest wish would be to try and put a bit of pace to the proceedings of this case. I would, like for the sake of the families who haven’t found closure after so long, to request that one court is earmarked specifically for this case, a specific law team is also appointed to deal with nothing else but this case and this case is in court from Monday to Friday up until it is concluded and a verdict has been given, ” she said.

Zandie added that she wants justice for Senzo Meyiwa and she is willing to take to the witness stsnd once again.

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Zandie Khumalo
Zandie Khumalo. Image via @zandie_khumalo_gumede/Instagram


Twitter users seem to be divided on Zandie’s letter, as some agree with her sentiments while others have said that she is attention seeking.

Many others have advised her to write to the correct office, which is the Gauteng Judge President or the Chief Justice’s office, saying the president cannot decide on such matters because the country operates on a trias politica system (a seperation of powers).

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“I agree, it’s been long overdue, but your stories still don’t add up, if you told the truth we wouldn’t be here,” one tweep wrote.

“I’m sorry this still seems like she’s putting up a show to me. She knows that letter won’t even reach the president.,” another tweep wrote.

“An impossible request: trias politica is our system,” said another Twitter user.

While another wrote: “Writing to the Judge President would have been ideal. If you don’t get the desired outcome, proceed to the Chief Justice. Writing to the President of the country is rather attention seeking and futile because Cyril can’t make that determination due to separation of powers.”