BI phakathi

BI Phakathi videos that will leave you in tears.
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BI Phakathi: 5 Touching videos that will leave you in tears [watch]

Angel on earth: These videos of mystery philanthropist BI Phakathi blessing those in need will leave you reaching for the tissues…

BI phakathi

BI Phakathi videos that will leave you in tears.
Images via Instagram:

Mysterious Good Samaritan BI Phakathi made headlines this week after he claimed that he had gone “broke.”

The philanthropist – famed for posting clips of him helping those in desperate need – appealed to South Africans to help him in his own time of need.

But there was more to the story…


Earlier this week, BI Phakathi trended on Twitter or after he claimed he was in a tight financial position.

He tweeted: “The assignment is bigger than me. Right now, I am broke. I have used all resources to spread the good news and fight poverty. Please pray for me if you can”.

The post caught his followers completely off guard, as the mystery man is known for giving away wads of cash.

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After fans rallied together to donate to the Good Samaritan, Phakathi revealed the truth behind his tweets.

The generous man claimed he had “tested” his followers to see if they were willing to help a stranger in need, as he had done.

Phakathi rewarded all those who had helped him with cash deposits in their bank accounts.

He tweeted to one follower: “You passed the test.”

To another, he posted: “Thank you for your faithfulness and being kind to me.”

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BI Phakathi has built a reputation for being a selfless, generous, and kind stranger to those in need.

Here are five times he had his followers in tears….

Helping a mom who was trying to support her household

Spoiling a homeless baby on her birthday

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Gifting a street vendor who had sold nothing

Helping school boys who wanted to raise money for their peers.

Gifting kids who had never received toys before.