Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula and Hingani Ndlovu. Image via @vuyodabula/ @hunganindlovu

Vuyo Dabula exposes text with film producer owing him payment

Actors Vuyo Dabula and Hungani Ndlovu exposed the shady side of the film industry in South Africa and had fans worried for their future.

Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula and Hingani Ndlovu. Image via @vuyodabula/ @hunganindlovu

South African actors Vuyo Dabula and Hungani Ndlovu opened up about the ugly side of the film industry on their popular social media pages this month and had their fans sympathising with them and worried about their future in the industry following their courageous outbursts.


Seasoned actor Vuyo Dabula has resulted in putting an unmanned film producer on blast as he showed his Instagram followers a screenshot of a conversation between him and a filmmaker who owes him money.

“On other news guys, this has nothing to do with UZALO, but must I mention which production? I invoiced last week Thursday,” the former Generations: The Legacy actor said as he posted a screenshot of his text messages with the film producer on his feed.

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After seeing Dabula’s post, his fans were worried that his post would block future opportunities and spook off producers from working with him in future. For example, in 2014, 16 popular Generations actors were sacked from the soapie after they went on strike demanding higher wages and royalties, EWN reported.

Vuyo Dabula
Vuyo Dabula and Hingani Ndlovu. Image via @vuyodabula/ @hunganindlovu


Meanwhile, earlier this month, Skeem Saam actor, Hungani Ndlovu also raised some issues local actors and actresses experience in their field of work. He said actors and actresses in South Africa are exploited by producers in their contracts. In his attempt to make a difference in the film industry, the actor shared a link on his feed and urged his fans to sign a petition and help him make a difference.

“Producers seek the right to capture and digitise the image, likeness, and voice of each actor for their exclusive future use in any medium, in perpetuity, and without any further compensation. This means that actors will lose control over their own identities and any future revenue that may come from their work,” the petition read.

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“The contracts prohibit actors’ membership of any organisation, union, or guild that engages in collective bargaining, denying [us of] our constitutional right to freedom of association,” the petition states,” the petition continued.

“If left unchallenged, the long-lasting consequences for local actors will be disastrous,” Ndlovu warned.

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