Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni loves cooking and using social media. Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni

‘Juicy’: Tweeps react to Tito Mboweni’s glossy lips [photos]

After seeing a photo of Tito Mboweni on Twitter recently, an online user asked, ‘What’s the name of your lip gloss, sir?’

Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni loves cooking and using social media. Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni

On Thursday, 25 May, former Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni posted a picture of himself on his timelines which resulted in Twitter users curious to know which lip gloss he was wearing.


Mboweni took to Twitter to celebrate Africa Day this year and showed off wearing a traditional printed shirt. According to the Parliament Republic of South Africa website, Africa Day is “aimed at celebrating and acknowledging the successes of the OAU since its inception. It symbolises Africa’s unity, commitment to peace, democracy, and economic development.”

It was reported that this year marked the “60th anniversary of the formation of this first establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the precursor to the African Union (AU).”

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And, for the first time ever, as part of the Africa Day celebration, South Africa’s former president Thabo Mbeki’s annual lecture was held outside Mzansi, SABC reported. After hearing these news, Mboweni has since rushed to his timelines to welcome the progression, saying,

“Continuing with the AFRICA Day theme. The Thabo Mbeki AFRICA Day lecture will be in Conakry, Guinea. Great idea!

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The Arica Day message flew right over many of Mboweni’s online followers’ heads as they were too busy distracted by the former minister’s picture. This is because, in the picture, Mboweni appeared to have moisturized his lips with a “glossy” application which left many Twitter users curious to know what brand of lip gloss he used.

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Tito Mboweni
Tweeps wondered if Tito Mboweni wore lip gloss. Image via Twitter @tito_mboweni


“Tinned fish lipgloss,” @Thabo_Makwakwa said.

“Which lipgloss brand do you use?” @Khanyizama asked.

“Juicy lips wa ga @Thee_Cheri,” @thee_lolly replied.

“Lipgloss nana man 😂🤣💋 💋 💋,” @Kim_Laura1 reacted.

“What’s on your lips Sir?” @Jzt_Claire asked.

“What’s the name of your lip gloss tatane (sir)?” @tazmania310 asked.

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