Dudu Zuma has once again got dragged. Image via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

Truck strike tweet: Dudu Zuma ‘supports everything chaotic’

Dudu Zuma showed her support for South African truck drivers who are striking and got dragged for ‘supporting everything chaotic.’


Dudu Zuma has once again got dragged. Image via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

Dudu Zuma is seemingly loving all the attention she gets from her controversial opinions. The daughter of former president Jacob Zuma has once again made her views heard — this time about the truck driver strike taking place in some parts of the country. And once again, people are not overly eager to hear what she has to say this time.

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Dudu Zuma shares thoughts on truck strike

Earlier this week, South African truck drivers started striking over the fact that many foreigners occupy truck driving positions here in South Africa. Many roads were subsequently shut down as the truck drivers aired their frustration over the matter.

Photos and videos of the chaos that has resulted from the strike have been circulating online and seemingly grabbed the attention of Duduzile Zuma who then decided to show her support for the truck drivers.

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Taking to her Twitter page, Dudu retweeted one of the chaotic clips of the strike that was taking place on the N10 near Middelburg while writing:

“Siyababona ngempela…Amandla (which translates to: We really see them…power)”

Netizens don’t approve of Dudu Zuma’s truck strike support

Zuma, like her father, has gained herself a large number of followers who support her no matter what. So naturally, there were a number of comments dedicated to praising her for always showing her support for the country’s situation.

Not everyone loved it though as many tweeps headed to the comment section where they criticised Dudu for seemingly loving chaos. The comments come after Dudu also cheered people on who were looting shops around the country in July this year.

@MulaudziTsi said:

“You support everything chaotic???”

@Lebstar9 said:

“You’re not going to be arrested for not commenting.”

@Willie31686253 said:

“It started 7 years ago, and who was the President then?”

@MothibaMichael said:

“I’m sure u are very happy abt this bcs this is what u want to see. U never supported any peaceful thing. Cruel.”

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