Thabo Bester

Thomas Thabo Bester aka the ‘Facebook Rapist’ has allegedly been spotted in public.
Images via Twitter

‘Facebook Rapist’: Who is Thabo Bester, and is he ALIVE?

While there are many unanswered questions about Thabo Bester, aka the ‘Facebook Rapist’, here are five facts about his mysterious disappearance.

Thabo Bester

Thomas Thabo Bester aka the ‘Facebook Rapist’ has allegedly been spotted in public.
Images via Twitter

Social media has been blowing up with reports that Thabo Bester aka the “Facebook Rapist” is a wanted man after he allegedly faked his death and escaped from prison in 2022.

To add insult to injury, the police and the Department of Correctional Services have conflicting reports about what really happened.

Just two months after being “confirmed dead” from a prison fire, Bester was allegedly spotted in public. He was allegedly seen with celebrity aesthetics professional Dr Nandi Mogudumana.

Thabo Bester was found guilty raping two women in hotel rooms in 2011 after luring them on social media under the guise of being a model scout. A year later, he was also convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.

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Keabetswe Khutsoane – a woman who claimed to be a victim of Thabo Bester during his reign of terror – believes the “Facebook Rapist” is allegedly alive after escaping prison.

Khutsone tweeted that various women have sent her messages and pictures of the man allegedly out in public, despite reports that he died in prison in May 2022. In photos that have gone viral on social media, a man closely resembling Bester was seen in a Woolworths store in Sandton, allegedly two months after his death.

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Khutsone claims the woman spotted with Bester was allegedly identified as Dr Nandi and her two children.


While it’s uncertain that the man spotted in public is Thomas Bester, here are five facts we do know…

Bheki Cele confirmed no DNA match to dead body

In a media briefing on Friday, 17 March, Minister of Police Bheki Cele confessed that the DNA of the body found in the prison cell did NOT match Thomas Bester.

He said:  “We have the head of intelligence in the province [Gauteng] and the detectives, they are working on the matter. 

“It looks like [the] DNA doesn’t confirm that the person that was found dead there is the same person”

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Police are searching for Thabo Bester

Bheki Cele added: “So it might be correct to say that somebody is out there. That’s why the police are investigating … [and] trying to find that person.”

“The police are on the tracks [and] chasing and trying to find that person again.”

BUT…Correctional Services say the opposite

According to a spokesperson, the department of Correctional Services stands by its claim that Thabo Bester died in a cell. This, “until such time that new information is brought to us”.

The spokesperson added that they are prioritising an investigation into the May 2022 prison fire.

 GroundUp investigations

An extensive investigation led by the publication determined the following:

  • The body located in Thabo Bester’s cell was dead before the fire broke out, according to an autopsy.
  • Bester was moved to a corner cell, which was not fully visible on camera, shortly before the fire.
  • According to CCTV footage, two people were spotted leaving the cell before the fire.

Dr Nandi’s involvement

According to reports seen by GroundUp, Dr Nandi – had allegedly collected his body from the morgue. 

After the body was “confiscated” by police for further investigation, Dr Nandi approached a Pretoria High Court. The woman allegedly submitted an affidavit stating to be Bester’s “customary wife” and requested his body be released to her.