Thabo Bester, Simz Ngema

Simz Ngema has clapped back at the backlash of her confession to visiting Thabo Bester in prison.
Images via Instagram: @simzngema

Simz Ngema claps back at ’10 past 4′ Thabo Bester backlash

‘Last kicks of a dying horse’: Simz Ngema has clapped back at backlash following her confession about visiting Thabo Bester in jail.

Thabo Bester, Simz Ngema

Simz Ngema has clapped back at the backlash of her confession to visiting Thabo Bester in prison.
Images via Instagram: @simzngema

Simz Ngema is clapping back at backlash following a “confession” that she visited convicted criminal Thabo Bester while he was still in prison.

The actress made headlines after she revealed that she had visited Bester or “TK Motsepe” in 2018. According to the screen star, the visit was to demand outstanding money due to her after his company, 21st Century Media, booked to make several public appearances.

But social media users claimed that Simz’s version “did not make sense.”

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Following a week of being dragged through the mud, Simz Ngema shared a message of hope to herself.

In an IG Story on Friday, 5 May, she captioned a picture of herself: “You’ve come a long way sisi. You’ve been through unimaginable pain, and you remain standing. These are the last kicks of a dying horse. God is with you, always.”

She later shared a post with similar sentiments. She captioned it: “MaNgema, your biggest flex is not that you are beautiful inside and out but the fact that you can rise above anything. You’ve already conquered your worst nightmare. Keep your head up. Receive love from others with open arms and keep loving yourself.”

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Earlier in the week, she clapped back at the “10 past four” commentary – a phrase referring to a viral meme of unexpected drama.

Meanwhile, Simz’s boyfriend and baby daddy Tino Chinyani also shared a cryptic quote on his IG Story.

It read: “Don’t be embarrassed by your situation. Half of these people are covering up the same situations with filters and smiles”.

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Meanwhile, social media users were left with multiple unanswered questions following Simz Ngema’s statement on Thabo Bester and his alias “TK Motsepe”.

Simz claimed she visited Bester – once – on 5 April 2018. Just two months later, Bester launched a multi-million rand company, 21st Century Media, at a lavish, star-studded event at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton in June.

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At the launch, fellow celebrities like Nomzamo Mbatha, Amanda du Pont, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka made an appearance.

However, Bester – under the alias Tom or TK Motsepe – duped the public into believing he was living in New York. He also claimed he was related to billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe. Meanwhile, the convicted criminal was actually holed up at the Mangaung Correctional Centre.

Simphiwe Simz Ngema, Thabo Bester
Actress Simphiwe Ngema or ‘Simz’ doged multiple unanswered questions about her affiliation with Thabo Bester, whom she confessed to visiting in prison. Images via Instagram: @simzngema

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Simz added that she also wanted “answers,” although she stopped short of giving them to the public.

On Twitter, many tweeps had valid questions about her affiliation with a convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster. 

  • When did she discover TK Motsepe was Thabo Bester?
  • TK or Tom Motsepe claims he was in New York. How did she know to visit Thabo Bester in prison?
  • Simz visited Bester two months BEFORE the 21st Century Media launch: Why did she not alert authorities to his scam? 
  • 21st Century Media facilitated a fraudulent conference called ‘Women in Media’ in September 2018. Why did Simz not speak publicly again?
  • Who are the other “high profile” figures linked to Bester?
  • What transpired during her meeting with Bester?
  • Why did she approach Bester and not 21st Century Media?

The South African attempted to contact Simz Ngema for contact. None was given at the time of publishing.