steve hofmeyr, flag

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has been criticised for his display of the old SA flag,
Image via Facebook: @steve.hofmeyr

‘Disgusting’: Steve Hofmeyr in hot water over old SA flag [photo]

Steve Hofmeyr has been reported to the Human Rights Commission over a pic of him and the old SA flag, which has been deemed ‘hate speech’.

steve hofmeyr, flag

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has been criticised for his display of the old SA flag,
Image via Facebook: @steve.hofmeyr

Not for the first time, Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has been dragged over the coals for a controversial statement. This time, it was over the display of the Old South African flag, which has been constitutionally declared a form of “hate speech.”

The national flag was used from 1928 until it was abolished in 1994 in the first democratic election.

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In his weekly Facebook video on Monday, 24 July, Steve Hofmeyr chatted with his followers about the headlines that piqued his interest.

Armed with a hot cup of coffee, the outspoken star spoke on topics like Julius Malema, 7de Laan, and his upcoming concerts.

However, it was Steve’s coffee mug that caught the attention of some social media users.  On it, Steve’s image was superimposed on SA’s old national flag.

Reacting to the pic, Twitter user @DesBailes posted: “Racist Steve Hofmeyr posted this today. There is no place in South Africa for racists like Hofmeyr and the Afrikaners who support him”.


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The tweep added that, as such, he had laid a formal complaint with SA’s Human Rights Commission.

In the comments section, there were mixed views about the display of the controversial flag.

While some called it out as “disgusting” behaviour, others claimed that Steve had not done anything wrong.

Steve Hofmeyr
Afrikaans singer and activist Steve Hofmeyr. Image via Facebook @Steve.hofmeyr


It’s not the first time Steve Hofmeyr has proudly posed for pics with the old flag.

In February 2019, the father of six – posted a pic of himself at a local bar that displayed the old flag. Steve defended his actions as “freedom of expression.”

A few months later, Steve posted more pics with the flag, which he claimed: “defined him.”

Of the backlash to the pics, he told TshisaLive: “(It’s the) same bigotry as always. This is South Africa’s way of denying the rot under the new flag”.

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In April 2023, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) upheld a ruling that displaying the old SA flag was deemed “hate speech, unfair discrimination on the basis of race, and harassment.”

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Judge Schippers Ashton said: “The old flag is an awful reminder of the anguish suffered by millions of people under apartheid South Africa.

He added: “The old flag represents precisely that racist and repressive regime and the dehumanising ideologies espoused during its rule – the racial superiority of white South Africans and the corresponding inferiority of Black South Africans.”

However, there was no ruling on the display of the old flag in private homes, adding that it had not been“properly ventilated” in either the Equality Court or the SCA.